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Vaginal Discharge
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Abnormal vaginal discharge leads to inconvenient or unpleasant symptoms. The common causes of an abnormal vaginal discharge are the Thrush and Bacterial vaginosis.

Some infections may cause sores, swelling or pain in the vaginal area and changes area and changes after the menopause can give troublesome symptoms. Other vaginal conditions include genital warts and herpes, which are caused by viruses and Trichomonas, a type of organism.

Causes of Vaginal Discharge

Thrush and Bacterial vaginosis are not sexually transmitted infections, although their effects may be worse after sexual intercourse. The causative organism for Thrush is candida. It is harmless and is a form of yeast.

But, it may cause symptoms during pregnancy, after taking a course of antibiotics for another illness, or for women who take the pill and for women who have diabetes.

Some women usually suffer Thrush every month just before their period Bacterial vaginosis is caused by a mixture of bacteria that multiply in the vagina when the natural acidic vaginal secreting are disturbed.

The biggest risk factor for all sexually transmitted infections is to have unprotected sex. Genital warts, herpes and Trichomonas, infections may be transmitted when the organisms come into direct contact with the vaginal area, usually during sexual intercourse.

Symptoms of Vaginal Discharge

Generally, the healthy vaginal discharge is clear or white and it does not smell unpleasant. It may produce some changes during puberty, pregnancy and menopause. But there should be no blood in the discharge between periods and no bleeding occurs during intercourse. It has been noted that the Thrush causes a thick, white discharge which is similar to cottage cheese.

This type of discharge cause revere itching, vaginal soreness and redness. Genital warts and herpes may be found on the genital area and around the anus. Warts are painless, fleshy swelling. They are unsightly but may cause irritation. Herpes causes tiny blisters that burst to leave ulcers that resemble cold sores. They cause severe burning or stinging pain and swelling. The glands in the groin may swell and pain can occur in the legs or back.

The symptoms of other sexually transmitted infections may include vaginal discharge, pain on passing urine or pain during intercourse or such infections may be symptoms less. But they may have the potential to spread upwards into the womb tubes, and ovaries and cause serious illness and infertility. Bartholin’s glands are situated on either side o the vaginal opening. If a gland becomes blocked, it may cause a cyst, that is a painless soft swelling. If the gland is infected, the swelling becomes painful and red, and pus may drain out.

Treatment of Vaginal Discharge

First of all doctor will examine the vagina, cervix, any discharge, perform and internal examination and take a cervical smear. Swabs may also be taken to test for thrush and any other infections that may be suspected. If a sexually transmitted infection is possible, then partner also needs to have an examination. For treatment Bubble bath perfumed soap, vaginal douches, or the use of the disinfectant is made.

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