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Information on Travel Concerns for Women
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Whether traveling on business or vacation, going out on the town shopping or just running errands, women on the go, need to pay special attention to the potential health risks of ignoring nature’s call.

Recent studies have shown that more, lots of women suffer from urinary tract infection each year, and one out of every three will have at least one painful encounter with Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) before the age of 24.

Most commonly caused by Escherichia coli, a bacterium found in the lower intestine an onset of UTI can be triggered by activities such as sexual intercourse or diaphragm use, or by circumstances such as pregnancy, diabetes or urinary tract abnormalities.

Many women reported that they have delayed urinating because that is either too busy or not near a bathroom or cannot find sanitary facilities.

Of course, women who drink six to eight glasses water a day need access to a readily available network of toilet facilities. Unfortunately, public restrooms-especially clean, safe and convenient ones are a precious commodity in many cities and they are practically non-exist ant in some of the more remote tourist destinations.

Finding their pots of gold is a challenge for even the most travel-savvy women. The thing to remember about restrooms and travel is to go before you go, and known where to go, wherever it is you’re going.

If you can’t determine specific locations of public restrooms before your trip, then at least familiarize yourself with the depends on the provide clean and safe facilities.

With just a little bit of research and preparation, women can avoid contracting a –painful case of Urinary tract infection when on the road. Three things that no traveling woman should be without are a small package of toilet tissue, change for a pay toilet or restroom attendant, and an effective pain reliever like Uri stat, if a urinary tract infection strike.

Take your mother’s advice and go to the bathroom before you leave, whether you are going on that dream vacation to Bali or just on a trip to the local market. You never known when your next opportunity will present itself. Even if your do not actually have to urinate at the moment, you may be surprised at the power of suggestion once you get to the restroom.

Women should consult tourist guidebooks, maps, museum floor plans and the like to learn where toilet facilities are located. It has been said that “Smart women on the go know where to go before nature calls.” If a woman have a check baggage, obtain a boarding pass or purchase tickets, go to the restroom before getting in line at the ticket counter.

Women should remove jewellary and take keys and change out of the pockets before going through metal detectors. Knowing where to look for public restrooms once you arrive, can make any trip more enjoyable.

Larger shops and department stores usually provide clean, even luxurious restrooms for their customers, and women can reliably expect these facilities to be clean and safe. Restaurants, cafes and even coffee shops also provide toilets for their patrons. Many hotels have restrooms in their lobby areas. National parks and historic sites are safe bets for public toilets.

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