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Trachoma is generally defined as an eye infection, which is caused by an organism known as Clamydia trachoma is. There are various other names of trachoma such as Granular conjunctivitis or Egypt- ion ophthalmia.

Causes of Trachoma

Trachoma is chiefly caused due to infection with the bacteria known as Chlamydiatrachomatis. The incubation of Trachoma, the eye disease is 5 to 12 days. The Trachoma starts very slowly. It generally begins as conjunctivitis. Conjunctivitis is known as to be the irritation near the eye known as Pink Eye. It has been noted that if it is left untreated then it becomes chronic and leads to scarring which further leads to blindness also.

In case of Trachoma, if the eyelids get severally irritated then it is observed that the eyelashes may turn in and they rub against the cornea. All of these things may leads to development of eye ulcers, which further leads to scarring. There may also be visual loss and even blindness at the end. Trachoma is seen throughout the worldwide. It is commonly seen in rural settings in developing countries.

Trachoma is seen to be affecting the children frequently. But it has been observed that the consequences of scarring are not visible until later in life. Trachoma cases or people suffering from trachoma are rarely seen in the United States. But certain populations which are marked by poverty, crowded living conditions and poor hygiene are at higher risk for developing trachoma.

Trachoma is acquired via direct contact with eye or nose throat secretions from affected individuals or by contact with inanimate objects, which are contaminated with these secretions, such as towels or clothes. In addition, certain flies, which normally fed, on these secretions can also transmit trachoma.

Symptoms of Trachoma

In case of Trachoma, there are several symptoms seen such as conjunctivitis is the first most common characteristic feature. There may also be discharge coming out of the eyes noted. Eyelids may be swollen. There are observed turned in-eyelashes. There may also be observed swelling of lymph nodes just in front of the ears. There may also be cloudiness of the cornea.

Treatment of Trachoma

First of all Trachoma is diagnosed properly by the detection of the organism antigen in conjunctival scrapings by the isolation of bacteria in culture. Systemic therapy with oral antibiotics can prevent long-term complications if used early in the infection. Active antibiotic include erythromycin and its derivatives or even doxycycline in some cases

In few cases, the eyelid surgery for lid deformities may be needed in order to prevent chronic scarring which can lead to blindness if not corrected. Early treatment before the development of scarring and lid deformities shows an excellent prognosis. Trachoma can be prevented by using improved sanitation and not sharing toilet articles such as towels are important measures for limiting the spread of trachoma


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