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Tooth ache is defined as a pain in the tooth. We have got thirty two teeth in the mouths, and uncomfort in any tooth is really unbearable. Moreover, its our teeth which helps us in eating and they also play an important role in giving good esthetic to our face.

Types of Toothache

Pain in the teeth may be several types which are as following:

(a) Dull type:- It is a mild form of tooth ache. It is not so severe. It is tolerable but creates certain degree of uncomfortable.

(b) Lancinating Type: It is a continuous pain, for much longer time.

(c) Throbbing Type: It is of severe form, unbearable and is like hammer strokes.

(d) Pain in the teeth may be diffused or localized type:

Diffused pain is felt around all of the teeth and the jaws and gums also became tender. Whereas localized pain is situated around a specific tooth area. It does not involve the complete side of the jaw.

(e) Acute tooth pain: It is of very short duration and does not persist for longer duration.

(f) Chronic tooth ache: It runs for much long time and may lead to serious consequences.

Causes of Toothache

These are several known causes of toothache which are as follow:

(a) If the carious lesion present in a tooth extends upto the pulp, then there may be severe tooth ache felt.

Because the pulpal tissue present in the teeth contains living connective tissue and certain sensory fibres which get irritated and resulting in pain.

(b) Sometimes trauma to the teeth may occur, during road accident, while performing any sport activity, or any mishappening. In such cases tooth ache may develop.

(c) Certain periodontal problems chronic generalized periodontities (also known as Pyorrhoea) may lead to pain in the teeth.

(d) Moreover, in certain cases, if the enamel coating of tooth is removed due to attrition, abrasion or any other cause then dentinal hypersentivity may occur and finally leading to toothache.

(e) There are few periodontal pockets formed in the tooth, which occurs mainly due to accumulation of food particles in between the gums and teeth. These periodontal pockets when infected by some bacterial invasion, may also lead to tooth ache. (f) After tooth extraction, also there may be some pain, but that is usually suppressed by taking certain analgesics. But if that space gets infected or dry socket forms, then in that case there may be severe pain.

(g) Tooth ache may also occur in cases of Periocronitis. In this case the gingival surrounding the partially erupted tooth gets infected and inflamed and thus resulting in severe pain.

Toothache Remedies

As the Toothache is a common problem seen in all generations, that is, the children, young and older people. So, proper care of teeth is necessary in order to prevent it. Immediate relief from the toothache can be achieved with the use of pain reliever drugs. Which subsides the pain and inflammation. Hence the anti-inflammatory drugs containing ibuprofen, diclofenac, ketorol, etc. are commonly used. But in order to eliminate the cause of tooth-ache, antibiotic course is necessary.

The antibiotic coverage helps to get rid off the infection causing agents. In certain cases, like that of gum problems, which give rise to toothache, in them gumpaints and Mouthwashes are also advised. Mouthwashes act of an antiseptic for the microorganism’s presents in the oral cavity and the gum paints tones the gums and thus strengthens them. In case of periodontal pockets proper drainage and curettage should be followed and the deep carious lesions involving pulp are treated with Root canal treatment.

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