Tooth Whitening
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Everyone loves to have whiter teeth. The science behind a beautiful smile is the dazzling white teeth. So the demand for teeth whitening is increasing day by day. Teeth whitening are also known as Teeth Bleaching. It takes near about 20 years for teeth to get yellow strains and the whitening treatment with a very less time makes them brand new again. It’s surprising to known that nowadays, a person is judged by the appearance of his teeth rather by way he dress’s up.

Benefits of Tooth Whitening
  • It boosts up a person’s confidence.
  • It provides billion dollars smile to the person.
  • It showers happiness by offering a wonderful smile.

(1) Foods such as Tea and Tobacco stains.

(2) Drugs such as Tetracycline stains.

(3) Filling materials such as silver stains.

(4) Fluorides in excessive intake.

Types of Tooth Whitening

Teeth Whitening is of two types:

At home teeth whitening and Dentist-in-office teeth whitening.

Home Tooth Whitening

It consists of the use of the bleaching compound that a person carries at his home and performs the whitening treatment on his own, unsupervised. This treatment utilizes a clear plastic try, which is fabricated, so as to fit properly and comfortably over a person’s teeth.

The try is filled with a 16-22% carbamide peroxide bleaching gel which is worn for some hours in a day or overnight at least for some weeks till the pearly white effects are achieved at home teeth whitening procedure is affordable, comfortable and transforms the yellow stained teeth into radiant white colour safely.

It consists of the use of peroxide whitener, a potent bleaching agent. It is activated by the light, which is applied equally on all the teeth. This causes degradation of whitening agent and there is liberation of nascent oxygen, which gently lightens the stains and enhances the whitening process. Commonly used light sources are lasers, halides, halogen lights, plasma Arc light, Gas plasma light, etc.

Precautions followed during Tooth Whitening:
  • During whitening treatment-one should avoid coffee, tobacco, red wines and dark colors. Smoking and alcohol should also be avoided because of their terrible effects.

  • Oral Prophylaxis or scaling should be performed prior to whitening procedure in order to remove calculus or external stains.

  • Whitening treatment should not be used for children under the age of 16 years.

  • Whitening treatment is not carried out if pregnant or nursing.

Common tooth whitening agents

Products available in the market are Colgate Simply White Night, Rembrandt Intense Stain Removal, There Brite Plus Deluxe, Prowhite, Teeth Platinum series, Super smile Maintenance kit, etc.

In the nutshell, whitening is a pleasant tasting, safe, comfortable procedure, imparting a sparkling white and confident smile. It is least time consuming. Its marvelous effects lasts for much longer time. It maintains neutral ph and it does not produce any reduction in dentin micro hardness.

With considerable growth in people’s earning and their approach towards better life style, lot of then undergo whitening treatment to help themselves feel more satisfied in terms of professional growth and psychological satiety. Moreover, with technological advancement in teeth whitening, it is assured that one can have the snowy white teeth, freshest breath and healthiest mouth than ever.

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