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Tooth Grill is generally defined as a removable esthetically fine mouthpiece, which is made up of gold or platinum with diamond inlays. It is usually very expensive but people nowadays are drawn towards it because they are highly attractive.

People love to make their mouth look like a disco ball. Today’s films stars along with their likings towards bright smile, also want to have a sparkling smile with the use of Tooth Grill. The precious materials are put directly over the teeth. The precious materials can be placed on the tooth or can be removed just like removable dentures.

Person can place the tooth grills while going to any party or important meeting. Girls wear them especially matching with their dresses. They feel fascinated by the various coloured diamonds available in the market. These tooth grills can be given by the dentist or some jewelers also do this job.

Those people just make the impression of the teeth over which the grill is desired to be placed and then send to laboratories for the fabrication of tooth grills and are finally given to the people. They are made to fit on particular teeth. Tooth grill can be made for as many as number of teeth desired.

It can be made for the whole mouth and thus enhancing the smile. But most of the people wear tooth grill on front teeth of mouth. Though the tooth grills are really no doubt, a marvelous thing to have on teeth. But according, to the dentist’s paint of view, there occurs food lodgment around the tooth grill, which the person does not take care regarding proper cleaning.

Hence, the food lodgment can lead to the development of caries.

People love to have diamonds encrusted on their teeth but are least bothered for maintaining proper hygienic conditions in mouth. If the tooth grills are made up to gold, then they may 14 carat, 18 carat or 22 carats gold.

Girls especially, proper to wear too thrills while going for shopping or going to the market and even wears them in school. They get more attention whenever they wear them. Girls wear the gold or diamond tooth grill, which is properly matched with their magenta braids, plastic dice hair beads, dangling orange triangle earrings and a white flowers made of feathers behind her ears.

There are certain people known, which never appear in public without wearing a grill. They says” we put our mouth is”. Nowadays, people are less fascinated towards the dress, shoes and other accessories but they are extensively drawn towards the Tooth Grill.

Tooth Grills, hide the cavities present on the tooth and thus make the tooth esthetically pleasing. Some people, treat grills as costume, jewellary to be worn only for special occasions and never to be worn while sleeping, eating or as permanent fashion.

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