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Teen Pregnancy
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Some times, teenager girls may be engaged in sexual activities, where they may become pregnant. The pregnancy signs in teenagers does not differ much from the signs and symptoms of pregnancy in adult women.

The signs and symptoms may help a teenager to determine if she is pregnant. But before going to any confirmation, if should be diagnosed by a doctor and pregnancy tests should be done. There tests are usually up to 99 % accurate.

Early Signs of Teen Pregnancy

There are many pregnancy signs for teens. In some case these early signs of teen pregnancy may occur for reasons others than pregnancy. For example, if a teen is unusually stressed or active, she may experience or more pregnancy signs common in terms.

Early signs and symptoms of teen pregnancy are as follow:- She may experience nausea or vomiting. There may be frequent urination. There may be tenderness and fullness of breasts . pregnant teen may feel fatigue. There may also be changes in appetite.

Although taking a pregnancy test is the most common way a woman tells she is pregnant before, seeking a medical diagnosis, these early signs are worth noting. Things like stress or activity levels can create many of these signs, including delaying a menstrual period or causing fatigue or changes in appetite.

Later Signs of Teen Pregnancy

As the pregnancy progresses, the signs and symptoms become more pronounced and harder for teens to miss. Some of the signs of Teen Pregnancy are as follow:-

There may be an enlargement of the abdomen. Pregnant teenager may experience weight gain or loss. She may also feel aches such as back aches or headaches.

Quickening may be felt, that is, the feeling of fetal movement may be noted. There may be development of pregnancy mask. Pregnant teen may develop craving for certain foods.

Trained medical person can detect additional signs and symptoms or pregnancy with a physical exam and other procedures such as an ultrasound. These signs and symptoms include changes in the size and shape of the uterus, changes in the cervix or fetal heart signs or movements.

Home Teen Pregnancy Tests

Using a woman’s urine, a home pregnancy test detects the presence of human chronic gonadotropin, a hormone produced only during pregnancy. The test contain monoclonal antibodies which are molecules coated with a substances that bonds to the pregnancy hormone.

If the hormone is present, a coloured stripe, dot or other symbol appears. The test also contain control windows to indicate whether the device has functioned properly.

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