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Superfluous Hair
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Superfluous hair is also known as Hirsute or Hypertrichosis. By superfluous hair it means an abnormal hair growth, either in quantity or in coarseness. Most of the cases of Superfluous Hair cannot be prevented. Care must be taken that the pregnant women should not drink alcohol. Person should also avoid medicines that are mot probably capable, of causing excess body hair. Excess body hair that is Superfluous hair causes embarrassment especially in the teenager years.

In most of the cases, there are not long time effect but appearance is the only concern. But the health risks of the condition come from causative agent of excess hair. For Egr If the reason for excess hair is concern then the outcome may be really very fatal. Moreover the children born to mothers who drank alcohol during pregnancy, may have certain other birth defects and learning disabilities. Superfluous hairs are not infectious and does not cause risk of others.

Treatment for Superfluous Hair

People can control their body hair and they can response to treatment at home. Treatment plan for the excess body hair depends upon certain factors such as patient’s age, overall health and medical history. It also depends upon the cause of the condition, tolerance of the patient to specific medicine, etc.

There are may ways to remove excess hair.


By using this technique, one can make the existing hair less visible. It is the most commonly used method for hiding excessive facial hair. But there are certain side effects of bleaching. Such as bleaching may cause irritations in some people.


It is generally believed that the hair grows faster and becomes coarser after shaving. It is become the shaving cuts the hair just at the surface.

Pumice Stone:

Normally, it is seen that the people use abrasives like pumice stones and emery covered pads for the removal of unwanted hairs.

This method can be used on the coarser hairs of the arms and legs but it can be not at all used for removal of hairs on face. Although, this method is very check but its effects are temporary.

Waxing :

This is the oldest method of removing hairs. Waxing generally reduces hair growth if performed continuously.

It is the best method for removal of hairs. But during this technique, the wax is warned to the right temperature, that, is neither too hot or nor too cold and is then applied over the affected body parts. If it is to be done at home, them cold waxing method should be used.

Plucking and Threading:

This method is commonly used for eyebrows, hair on the upper lip and chin. It is also used for removing odd hair around the nipples. This method does not increase the hair growth.

Chemical Depilation:

Depilatory agents such as creams, lotions and sprays are used in this method. The method of chemical Depilation may lead to irritation and dryness of the skin. Therefore, it is recommended that it should not be used on broken skin. But care must be taken that a patch test must be performed before using any depilatory agent.


This is a method used for removing unwanted hair permanently. This method is considered to be safe and a cosmetically acceptable method for removing excess hair. It is very good method for removing unwanted facial hair but inorder to remove excessive hairs of arms or legs them this method won’t be suitable. As it may prove out to be too much expensive and time consuming. People whose excess body hair in inherited, then it can be cured by electrolysis. Because if they use shaving or waxing technique, then it needs to repeat these treatments for whole life.

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Superfluous Hair

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