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Stage make up

Evening makeup- You can add more color
1. Prepare your face for receiving make up by cleansing, toning and moisturizing.

2. You can use foundation but use it lightly and blend it well into the skin. Start with a matching shade of foundation.

3. Apply powder and then blush on your cheeks, adding color gradually. You can use cream blusher which gives a slight shimmer also to the face.

4. Use an eye shadow which complements your clothes, on the upper eye lids only. Define your eyes with a liner and apply kajal.

5. Sweep a coat of mascara. Let it dry and then give another coat. Mascara, eyeliner, kajal and eye shadow should be used in a muted tone.

6. Use a dashing shade of lipstick. Blot with tissue and then reapply for glamorous look.

Besides, you can include rouge and remember to wear an exotic perfume

Party makeup- It could be a bold makeup

1. Start with a matching shade of foundation. Apply a darker shade on the broader parts of your face which you want to recede.

2. Apply powder and then blush on your cheeks, adding color gradually. Use some blusher on the sides of the forehead and chin also.

3. Use an eye shadow kit with a high lighter. Apply some high lighter on the space beneath the brows. Apply the medium color on upper eye lid only. Swap the darkest shade on the crease, between the two shades and blend well.

4. Put a little dark eye shadow also beneath the eyes, touching the lower lash line, with a thin brush. Start from the outer corner and extend it just a little, may be till the middle. See what suits you. This adds more color to your eyes.

5. Define your eyes with a kajal and an eye liner. Sweep two coats of mascara. Apply a final coat of colored mascara if you wish. Apply lipstick. Blot with tissue and then reapply for a glamorous look.

Make up in a jiffy

1. Apply compact powder all over. Reapply kajal. If you don't have any shadow with you, then apply the kajal on top of your eyelids as one line. Soften the line with a finger or a cotton bud. This will give your eye a smoky effect. Mascara is a must.

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