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Split Ends
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Causes of Split Ends

Split ends are formed on growing hair because the inside of the hair, also known as the cortex splits at the ends, therapy getting the name “split ends”. Reasons for the fraying are because of intense heat like that caused from curling irons, blow dryers, etc because the hair is overstretched or damaged and hard combing or brushing then splits the ends.

Another reason is a bobby in that is not smooth at the end, so when a person tries to take it out then it can rip the hair. A way to avoid so many split ends is to avoid intense heat on hair. Overuse of chemical treatments like relaxers, perms, hair colour may also lead to development of Split Ends.

Use of inferior staying tools that rip or snag hair like cheap synthetic brushes or combs, brush roller, etc, may also lead to Split Ends. Environmental change from heat, cold, wind and other climate issues, may also form split ends in hairs.

Lack of routine maintenance such as regular trimming also forms split ends. Over wash, Improper detangling techniques, use of inferior hair care products, trimming with inferior scissors and excessive use of styling products such as gels, waxes and sprays lead to the development of split ends may be like excessive tangling, improper application or removal or hair extensions, headgear that snaps or rips delicate strands or even scratchy bedclothes, fingers or hands.

How To Get Rid Of Split Ends

It once, the split ends develop, then they will not get disappear by themselves. Person needs to deal with them either by removing them or utilizing tricks to temporarily merge the splits together

It has been noted that once a split and occurs, then person can actually fir it by repairing it so that the end is no longer torn. There are ways to temporarily glue the ends together and even given the appearance of healthy ends. Split ends cutting are the most effective treatment.

For this, the first thing a person should do is to buy a pair of very sharp hair cutting scissors or any very sharp, scissors like sewing scissors. If a person uses blunt scissors, then he/she will cause more splitting. When a person’s hair is dry then they should sit down in a place where there is a lot of light and a mirror so that he/she can see clearly.

Then a strand of hairs is taken about one fourth an inch or half an inch long from a few inches near the scalp and then delicately twist it to its ends. We will see the split ends sticking out. Then the scissor is taken and it is held perpendicular to the strand of the hair.

Using the tip of the scissors cut off the split ends and around one fourth an inch of the unhealthy hair above it. In order to prevent the occurrence of split ends, person should keep brushing to minimum as it promotes breakage.

Brushing of wet hair should not be performed. Person should apply a leave-in conditioner daily on the hairs to keep them strong. They should also strive for low-maintenance hair. Hair dryers, curling irons, perms and hair colour all damages the hair.

During blow dry, they should use a cool setting and keep the dryer 6 inches from their hairs. Person should also protect their hair from extreme weather. They should wear a hat on sunny days and keep their hair well moisturized in the dry winter months. They should schedule a trim with their hairstylist, if they start seeing a lot of split ends.

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