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Information on Spa Treatments
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Spa therapists provide relaxing massage to the people. There are many professional spa therapists who provide variety of treatments, which are as follow: - Hand Spa is the most common.

It is also known as Manicure. By this procedure, on hour relaxing and pampering treatment is given to the hands. This is a complete indulgence procedure, in which the hands are soaked, scrubbed, massage is performed and meticulous nail and skin is beautiful finished off with a glossy polish.

Foot Spa Treatment is also available. It is also known as Pedicure. During this procedure, one hour relaxing and pampering treatment is given to the feet. It has involves soaking, scrubbing, massaging, etc. like that of hands and gives a beautiful appearance to the skin of the feet.

Baliness massage is also involved in Spa Treatments, which consists of a very relaxing body massage by using only natural fragrant oils. Swedish massage consists of gentle but firm manipulation of the person’s muscles. It is very effective. This is also done for one hour.

Cream bath is also known to be provided by Spa Therapists. In this treatment, a deep relaxing head, shoulder and arm massage is given to stimulate the pressure points on the scalp, neck and shoulder. This type of massage also helps to increase the blood flow.

Mandi lular type of Spa Treatment is given for two hours. It makes use of natural herbs, for example, an exfoliating herbal body scrub is used. In this case, such scrub and massage helps in removing the dead skin cells. It is followed by a yogurt body treatment and a relaxing flower bath. The Spa Treatment also involves the basic facial, which is given for one hour.

Spa therapists relax and rejuvenate the person’s skin with the basic facial designed to suit a broad range skin types. The treatment includes relaxing facial massages incorporated with cleansing, exfoliation, hydrating moisturizers, head and shoulder massage and person’s choice of the skin-reviving collagen mask.

Spa heat treatments include steam rooms, saunas and Spa pools. Spa body treatments include body scrubs; massages, mud wraps and detox treatments are also available. Watercourse Spa treatments are designed to relax, cleanses, beautify and rejuvenate using the curative properties from nature to encourage the body and skin to restore its own vitality and beauty.

A vitalizing bathing ritual using flower oils and fruit essences. Purifying with sea algae, exfoliating with ginger grass and special ground, bamboo, body polish with sorecamelia-pulm infused cherry blossom rice and finishing with wild lime silk oil massage is done.

A luxurious aromatherapy facial uses bio-intrinsic herbs and essential oils to soften, condition, protect and beauty the person’s face.

Aroma-therapeutic body massage with essential oils is used to soothe away stress, stimulate, restore calm and relax. Lavender helps in claming, soothing and balancing. Rose promotes well-being and up lighting. Lemon relieves stress and headaches.

Spa treatment also includes a cascading waterfall skin treatment using a Vichy shower with pure soft water. It is started with an herbal steam and continued with a unique mixture of exfoliating kernels, detoxifying herbs and nature anti-oxidants to remove dry skin and revitalize and rejuvenates the body systems.

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