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Skin Care

The three seasons have different affects on the skin. Thus, all the three require different treatment procedures.

Winter Care

The cold weather makes the skin rough, dry and hinders with the blood circulation. In such weather use of soaps should be avoided as it worsens the condition. Before going to bed clean the face thoroughly to remove the dust and dirt and cosmetics from the skin. The face should be washed once a day with tepid water. To prevent the clogging of pores home facial should be performed once in a fortnight. At night and before going out in cold and dry weather one should apply a rich cold cream and moisturizer. For the excessive dry skin its beneficial to apply vitaminised face cream at night.

Monsoon Care -

One should make a daily routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing the skin.

To avoid the puffiness of eyes the area around the ayes should be well moisturized at night daily. The excess of cream should be wiped off with the cotton ball or tissue after 30 minutes. Steaming the face with blemishes once a week helps in unclogging the pores of the skin.

Summer Care-

The face should be washed twice a day with a mild soap. The face should be thoroughly cleansed before going to bed at night. For an excessive oily skin application of astringent is very important. Home facial should be performed once a week.


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