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Test your Skin Type
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If you know your skin type, you can work out some homegrown remedies to nourish it.

There is never a time of the year when we can relax with your beauty regime.We go through all the trouble in summer to make sure that skin is throughly protected against sun and heat, only to discover that on the return of the colder months , the skin is dry, parched and lacks moisture .And we have to begin our skin care routine all over again.

Types of Skin Diseases

For a glowing, healthy complexion that beats the heat of summer, you need to concentrate on the essentials. But before starting a skin care routine ,analyse your skin type( dry, oily or a combination of the two). Analysing could be a little tricky and misleading. For example: The most moist skin on your face may not be due to oily skin but perspiration.Or, a dry skin care may be due to a harsh astringent. So, I would suggest you get your skin professionally analysed at least once a year.

Home test for Skin Types

For this test, all you need is a few strips of tissue paper.

1) You can also use a paper napkin instead. In the morning, before washing the face , rub the strip gently across the forehead, nose, chin and cheeks by sliding them back and forth. The strips will either gain greasy strains or remain transparent and clean. If the strips used on forehead, nose and chin are greasy, and if strips used on the cheeks are clean, you have a combination skin.

2) If the strips are greasy, including the one used on the cheeks and the strains are large, you have an extremely oily skin.

3) If all the strips are clean and transparent, it means you have a dry skin

Through the strip test method, one can find out the skin type and take steps to take care of skin at home. Once your skin is analysed, start a good skin care routine. Cleansing is important all the year round, but more so during summer beacuse good skin care starts with skin that is throughly cleansed.

Cleansing is the most important aspect of skin care. It is undertaken primarily to remove stale makeup, clean pores and exfoliate dead cells which otherwise cause blocages on the skin's surfaces.

At the end of the day, remove dirt, grime and makeup with a creamy cleanser. If you have an oily skin, wash face with face wash and water after cleansing with cleanser.

The daily cleansing routineshould be followed withtoning. The toning exercise helps in stimulation of the skin pores and invigorates the blood circulation.Toners and fresheners suit dry skin to normal complexions.

A good toner that you could use is rose water or a few drops of Benzoin in a bowl of water. Astringents are used for oily skin to give pores the appearance of tightness.

A few drops of spirit of camphor added to a bottle of rose water makes good astringent.The moisturising and cleansing routine concludes the daily skin care. Moisturiser helps in keeping moisture in the skin.To retain moisture apply a cream or lotion moisturiser to skin while it is still damp. Never apply makeup directly to bare skin. Use moisturiser as a buffer. Avoid perfumed formulas as the ingredients can be irritataing due to sensitive facial skin and could also cause pigmentataion.

During summers, your complexion needs extra care at night in order to counteract the drying effects of sun and wind during the day. Use a nourushing cream at bedtime. If you have a super dry complexion, use a nourishing cream daily . For combination skin , use a nourishing cream only on the cheeks . However, if you have normal skin, follow the routine every other day.

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