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Skin Lotions
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1) Essential oils of camomile, lavender and myrrh- These oils may all be dabbed neat on to badly affected areas and are particularly useful if you have dry skin, although essentail oils do become absorbed so rapidly into the skin that you may need a srcond dab.

2) Calendula oil, cream lotion- Use any of these alternatives to heal and nourish acneous skin which is very dry. It is a mistake to believe that only oily skins are prone to acne .People with dry skins have double trouble.

3) Aloe Vera- Soaps and gels made from aloe vera purpose to heal skin damaged by acne .The liquid obtained from the fleshy leaves certainly helps to soothe sunburn. It is probably worth trying as an alternative to the old fashioned brimstone and lard treatment and it is certainly worth using an aloe vera shampoo if other types irritate your skin.

4) Witch Hazel- Use this either by itself or mixed with rose water or cider apple vinegar. A very old- fashioned remedy was to use it in equal quantities with the cabbage juice.

5) Lemon Juice- Either dab it on neat which is especially valuable if you have been picking or with an equal quantity of water to wash a larger area.

6) Thyme and Lemon Lotion- Boil several springs of fresh thyme in 2 cups of water for two minutes and leave to infuse for five. Strain and add the juice of half lemon. Use this to rinse the face atleast twice a day.

7) Nettle tea- Use nettle tea to wash with and to drink. parsley juice and the expressed juice of comfrey leaves are also invaluable lotions.

8) Herbal lotions- Lady's mantle, yarrow, marigold, lavender and comomile may all be useful as may any healing herbal vinegar diluted with water.

9) Soapwort- Wash with a soapwort solution if the skin is very greasy.

10) Camomile, lime, sage, thyme - Any one or a mixture of these herbs in a warm poultice will soothe and heal. Stand the herbs in a bowl of boiling water until they have softened and cool a little before applying. Many people prefer to use them as a 'streamer' to open the pores but this may cause infection to spread.

11) Comfrey- Both the powdered root and leaves make a healing poultice and an excellent lotion.

12) Lettuce Leaves- Boiled and applied warm these help to soothe overheated skin.They also work wonders on sunburn.

13) Grape skins- If you are feeling extravagant, a poultice of grape skins is saidtobethe very best method of healing acne

14) Quince- The mucilaginous juice from simered quince seeds will help damaged skin to heal.

15) Marigold and wheatgerm oil- Pound 2 tablespoons of fresh or 1 tablespoon of dried marigold petals with 4 tablespoons of warm wheatgram oil( a good source of vitamin E) . Strain into a litlee bottle and use to heal those small scars or blemishes caused by acne, burns and thread viens. Vitamin E oil also works wonders.Useful tips

1) Avoid using soaps that are very alkaline and tend to dry and irritate the skin . Try using modern sopas that have lenolin and other oils to counteract this drying effect.

2) Cleansiong throughly is a must for the skin as the skin needs to be free from all oils and grease to allow it to breathe freely.

3) One of the most valuable aids to a good skin is a complexion brush. Soap the skin and scrub . Use a small circular movement. The scrubbing stimulates the skin, brings blood to the surface , removes dead cells , smooths and cleans.

4) Washing Secret- Soap your face well , adding a small handful of sugar to the lather. massgae this in for a couple of minutes, then rinse off with warm water. This scrub is very good for spotty and a sluggish looking skin.

5) Egg Wash- Put 1.5 tablrspoons of sugar with 0.5 tablespoon of water in a pan, over a low heat. When it brings to caramel, remove from the heat and add a beaten egg yolk. Replace it on the low heat for a minute and mix in one tablespoon lemon juice. This is an ideal scrub for slightly dry skins.

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