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Skin Care Tips
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The basic skin care routine involves Cleansing, toning , Exfoliation and Moisturising.

1. Cleansing of skin

Cleansing is essential to remove makeup, dirt and grime from face. Facial cleansing should be effective without irritating the skin and should suit our skin as well.


Soaps should be avoided at any cost especially above the neck.

Washing face with hot or cold water causes broken capillaries. So we should always wash your face with luke warm water. Cleansing is essentilal in the morning if moisturizer ia applied at night.

2. Toning of skin

To remove the greasiness which appears on the face after the use of a cleanse, you definitely need to use a toner.This product will pick up the last bit of cleanser that you may have missed which in turn, could cause more breakouts.

Put a few drops of toner on a piece of cotton wool and apply it on the face and leave it on. It contracts muscles, refines (shrinks) pores, absorbs the oil and grease immediately, leaving behind a fresh, radiant skin. Use it to see the immediate difference it makes to your complexion.


For extra oily skins, use astringent lotion instead of a toner. An astringent is a strongtoner which affectively removes excessive oiliness besides toning and refreshing the skin.

3. Exfolitaion of skin

It's usually the first step in cleaning your face, followed by using a cleanser, toner and finally, moisturizing .Exfoliation is the process of scrubbing off dead skin cells It gently and effectively remove dead cells from the skin's surface by mechanical means, thus removing surface debris

Thus it unclogs pores, keeps skin clean and helps reduce acne breakouts. Its most important for bright and glowing andl brings an immediate diffference to your skin. Skin exfoliation is suitable for greasy or normal skin, but should be used with caution on dry or sensitive skin

4 . Moisturising of skin

Moisturising is essential to make your skin soft, smooth and glowing. It takes care of your skin by not only putting back your skin lost moisture but also preventing further moisture loss. No matter what your skin type is, you should always use a moisturiser because in any case you will benifit from moisturizers. (The only exception is those with acne).

So you should moisturise depending upon your skin type. Your skin needs more moisturiser if it is feeling tight. But remember not to overmoisturize as it can cause pore-clogging. Finally use a moisturizer with your finger tips on . It provides longer wear for make up. It also helps in the the application of foundation which spreads more easily if applied over the moisturizer, making foundation blend smoothly with the skin


Remember to always use a sunscreen during the day on the top of the moisturizer. This will protect the skin from pollution, sun damage and dehydration.

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