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Shaving Tips for Men
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Most of the people, generally shave how their father taught them or how their friends do it. But never tried to do it in some other way, which is much better than earlier. There are few tips, for shaving which should be tried or followed at least as on experiment.

Shaving is an invasive activity. During shaving, a sharp metal blade is applied to the face and it cuts the hair and also removes the microscopic layers of skin. This process can lead to irritation also.

Shaving Tips are as follows:

Shaving should be the last step before leaving the shower. It is because the warm moisture of a shower makes hairs soft and plump and it also opens the pores. During showing, a person should avoid any irritants.

Irritants can damage the skin and may create microscopic swelling. Hence, anything that tingles, stings or numbs during or after shaving should be avoided. Moreover, person should stay away from alcohol or strong extracts such as menthol.

Person should spray cold water on the beard. It is because the colder the better as it helps in saving time and money and it also makes the beard stand up better. Due to cold water splash, there are also very less chance of person’s cutting down his face.

Person should use a lubricating agent before performing shaving. These lubricating shaving cream form a cushion over the face, which allows the shaving blades to glide without scraping.

This lubricating shaving formula should be left on the face for at least a minute before shaving. Person should use a face scrub. A show massage of scrubbing will help in opening the pores, prime follicles and will also raise stubs for a closer shave. Hence, such type of exfoliation while scrubbing helps in removing dead cells and impurities, which can lead to development of acne. Dead cells and impurities, if allowed to remain may also lead to formation of ingrown hairs and certain ingrown hairs and certain sort of infections.

Face scrubs use also leads to smoothening of face skin and renewing of person’s skin. Person can skip washing of face as it’s waste of time. Person can also ruliquied soap into the beard.

Liquid soap is quicker and cheaper than shaving cream. It works in a better way than shaving cream and it also allows the person to seem his beard while performing shaving. Person should discard shaving blades after four or five uses. After four or five uses the shaving blades does not remain that sharp.

Moreover, while shaving person should use gentle strokes. He should avoid put5ting too much pressure on the blade.

Person should follow Post Trauma soothing steps because it is essential to clam irritation, balance the skin’s moisture content and prevent certain problems like ingrown hairs or clogged pores.

Person should not use alcohol but instead should use functional anti-inflammatory and pore clearing ingredients. For special occasions, person should shaved in two steps. First of all shaving is done with the grain with very little pressure. Second, a coating is reapplied of shaving cream and shaving is done against the grain for super-close and smooth results.

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