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Shaving Razors for Men
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Shaving was started since the stone, age when the man first started pulling hair from, painting and tattooing their body. In the earlier days, the man just removed hair from their face by using two seashells known as tweezers.

Hence, we can say that the tweezers have remained throughout history as the most popular grooming tool ever invented and it was used by both civilized men and women to painfully removed body and facial hair.

The very first shaving razors discovered were flint blades. Flint provides an extremely sharp edge for shaving. They were the first disposable shavers but the flint becomes dull quickly. Permanent shaving razors were development due to the discovery of metalworking.

Copper razors are also available. Some of the most elaborate razors of ancient times were produced which were excavated from the Danish Mound Graves, and the handles of these razors were carved into horse head shapes.

In Greece, it was popular among men to crop hair very short and shave the face. Alexander the Great was a guy who was responsible for this trend because he was obsessed with shaving.It has been known that he even shaves during wartime.

Even women also choose to remove hair with razors. It has been known that the Roman men have a skilled live-in servant to shave them or otherwise they prefer to start their day with a trip to the barber who shaves their face with a Roman Razor.

But this type of shaver corrodes quickly and becomes blunt, so many of the people usually get cut. Then the barber fix this, by applying to the face a soothing plaster made form a special perfumed ointment and spider webs in oil and vinegar. The average woman removes hair from her legs with razors and tweezers.

Disposable Razors, which are neither sharpened nor replaced are very common in the market nowadays and are used for both men and women. They are generally used for twice or thrice and are then thrown away. Usually, the companies’ design such razors in simple shapes, due to which they are not economically expensive. Gillette razors are also very common nowadays. Double-headed wet shave razor are also used.They are like two razors in one. The handle of this shaver is forked into two at the end; hence two razor blade cartridges can be loaded onto each side. The quick shave razors have also become available on a worldwide scale.

Generally, the shaving razors should possess long lasting quality and beauty. The quintessential wet shaving instruments have a new look, new philosophy and a new elegance.

The shaving razors are hand crafted from a variety of materials including transparent Lucite and sculpted metals with tarnish resistant finishes, like silver plate, nickel finish, gum metal finish, 18 carat gold plate, etc. Some of the shaving razors are fitted with two blades razors and three blades razors. These razors are known to be of best quality. Certain shaving razors are designed which fit comfortably in the hand

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