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Prenatal Care
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Prenatal care means the healthcare during pregnancy time, that is before the baby is born. It is advised that the lady who is pregnant should get early prenatal care and should also take regular prenatal care. Prenatal care is very important for the pregnant women. Moreover, by seeing the doctor regularly one can come to know if any complication comes in pregnancy and it can be treated accordingly.

What is Prenatal Care?

Pregnant women should eat healthy foods. She must exercise regularly. Near about 30 minutes per day for most days of the week is best. She should also get enough rest and sleep. Consultations should be made with the doctor regarding the exercises that are best suitable for her.

Intake of Vitamin B is very essential for the pregnant women. Getting enough of the synthetic form of folic acid everyday before the lady get pregnant and during early pregnancy can help to prevent various birth defects. Many breakfast cereals and other grain products have good amount of the folic acid added to them.

Pregnant women should have get done thorough medical examination. For Egr for Rubella, Chickenpox, etc. It cause serious birth defects. If the lady had chicken pox, then she would be immune to them.

Special care should be taken while taking any medicine during pregnancy. It should be taken only under medical supervision. It is because there are several medicines/drugs which are contraindicated in pregnancy. Pregnant women should be smoke cigarettes. She should not at all drink alcohol.

During pregnancy, it does not matter that if it is the women’s first pregnancy or she has children earlier. Prenatal care is equally necessary in both the cases. Pregnant women should eat healthy, well balanced diet, that includes fruits , vegetables, grains, etc. she should also eat calcium rich food. She should choose foods which are low in saturated fat.

Reasons For Prenatal Care

Moreover, the pregnant women should not empty the cat litter. It may contain a parasite that causes an infection called toxoplamosis which can cause birth defects. Also, the pregnant women should wear gloves when working in garden areas used by cats. Pregnant ladies should not eat uncooked or undercooked meats or fish.

Pregnant ladies should stay away from toxic chemicals like insecticides, solvents like some cleaners or paint thinners, lead and mercury. Most dangerous household products should have pregnancy warnings on their label.

Pregnant women should limit or eliminate the caffeine intake from coffee, tea, sodas, medications and chocolate.

Women who are pregnant should continue their work, that is job. It is because, staying active, will help the pregnant ladies to stay healthier. Pregnant women should read books, watch videos, go to a childbirth class and talk with experienced moms. If the pregnant women and her partner goes to childbirth education classes, then they get prepared for the birth of their baby, that is to take care after birth.

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