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In greek language, Presbyopia is also known as on old eye. Presbyopia occurs when the lens of the eye become less flexible. Particularly in this case the lens becomes stiffer and the muscles that control and lens becomes weaker. Hence due to this the ability of the lens to bend and flatten is hindered.

Due to which it is unable to focus light on the retina. As a result of this, the eye faces difficulty on focusing on objects up close, that is it is more difficult to read at close range. This normal aging process of the lens can also be combined with myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.

Causes of Presbyopia

Presbyopia is part of the natural process of aging. It progresses gradually and patients begin to notice chances in their vision beginning in their early to med forties. In addition to age, there are several other risk factors for presphyopia which are as follow:

1) Hyperopia: It puts additional demand on the flexibility of the lens.

2) Drugs: Drugs such as alcohol, mines can decrease the flexibility of the lens.

3) Gender: Presbyopia often occurs earlier in females.

4) Occupation: It is a risk factor if a job requires near vision demands.

5) Systemic Disease: Diseases such as diabetes may put the patients at an increased risk for presbyopia.

6) Geographic Factors: Due to higher annual temperatures and greater exposure to ultraviolet radiation, persons living close to the equator are at an increased risk for presbyopia.

Signs and Symptoms of Presbyopia

The first common sign of Presbyopia is difficulty in reading fine print. It is like that found on the medicine bottle or on a phone book. Another sign of presbyopia is the feeling of fatigue while reading a book. Person suffering from Presbyopia also feel fatigue while looking at a computer screen.

There are various other symptoms of Presbyopia like person feels difficulty in seeing clearly the close lying objects. Patient feels less contrast when reading print. Presbyopic patient feels a need for brighter and more direct light for reading. Person feels the need to hold the reading material further away in order to see it clearly.

Presbyopic patient suffers from headaches that occur when he/she is doing work that requires near vision.

If the person have such as symptoms, then it does not necessarily means that he/she is suffering from Presbyopia. But if a person, experiences one or more of such symptoms the he should contact with the eye specialist for complete eye examination.

Treatment of Presbyopia

Presbyopia is commonly treated by using corrective lenses such as eyeglasses or contact lenses. It has been noted that certain ocular disease or trauma like damage to the lens or ciliary muscle can accelerate the progression of Presbyopia. Hence, it should be properly treated. Presbyopia is a refractive error which means that the shape of the eye lens does not bend light correctly which results in blurred vision, hence corrective lenses should be used adequately.


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