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Powders - Natural Body Powders
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Uses of powders

Face Powders are an essential step in your makeup routine.Powder does 2 things to your make-up. Firstly it sets your makeup perfectly, giving a smooth even finish to your complexion. Secondly, it helps to prevent the appearance of shine on the areas most prone to oiliness-the central panel. Powder gives a finished, shine free look to make up

How to Apply Powder

1. Make sure the foundationis well blended. Blot the face lightly with a tissue, especially over the forehead, nose and chin. Pick up the powder on the puff and press it firmly on the face, one area at a time. Never rub powder on your face. Let it set for a few seconds, Now using a soft, thick powder brush, whisk away the excess, with downward movement to stop the powder getting caught in the fine facial hair.

Note:Don't try to smooth it on by massaging the puff over the face.


On casual days, if foundation feels like too much, a little powder helps make your skin look more flawless and helps keep the shine (oiliness) away.

Select a powder of your skin tone or a shade lighter than your skin tone. If your skin happens to be pale, then choose a powder with a rosy beige tint. If you are going to use it over foundation, go in for a translucent powder. Avoid powder on fine lines under your eyes. The powder may collect in the lines, making them more prominent.

Types of Makeup Powders

Loose powder

Fine loose translucent powders are the best for a finished pore less look, It is especially good if used in the morning to set your makeup, as it will keep you makeup looking fresh all day. Loose powder is applied with a puff

Pressed powder

Pressed powders are used for touchups as they are easy to carry. So when you're on the go, compact (pressed powder) gives you a soft, beautiful look anytime. It is applied with a brush using downwards movements, to minimize the impact of facial hair. The powder helps your make up look 'just put on'(fresh) much longer by stopping oil from coming through. Do not use the puff of the compact. Use a proper puff or a thick powder brush to powder yourself.

Which powder to use

They are available in either compact or loose form. It is important to set your foundation with a loose powder. This helps to keep your foundation in place.Compact powders should be used for touch ups.

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