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Platinum tooth

For the last century or so the first stage of treating a decayed tooth has involved “drill and fill” procedures. During this procedures, the decay within a tooth is cleaned out by drilling cleaned out by drilling and the tooth, restored’ by filling the clean cavity with a mercury based amalgam or more recently with a non-metallic filler.

However after several such treatments the tooth can no longer be repaired by this technique and more radical restorative procedures are necessary. The dental should now prepare a clean tooth stub that can be capped or crowned with a tailor made metal crown manufactured by a dental technician using specialist processes.

A bridge is formed when two or more adjacent teeth are to be restored by this mean. The alloys used to procedure these restorations are crown and bridge alloys. Since, the late 1970, palladium has been a key metal used worldwide by the dental industry in the development of alloys for the manufacture of crown and bridge restorations constructed by dental technicians.

Platinum is also a very metal used for capping of tooth, but it is very much expensive. Platinum has a good range of solubility with several metals and an ability to impart good mechanical properties. It has an excellent tarnish/corrosion resistance and biocompatibility in the oral environment. Due to these properties, it is used in dental crown and bridge alloys.

These platinum alloys are generally white. Platinum tooth is used a decorative one, but it is usually afforded by rich people. Removable Platinum tooth that is Platinum grill is liked by most of the people. These platinum grills are encrusted with diamonds.

Most of the teenagers are very fond to have it. It is mostly appreciated by people involved in media. Nowadays movies stars, TV channels stars, all love to have Platinum grill. School going on college going students makes such removable platinized tooth the latest fashion trend.

These platinum trend. These Platinum tooth are made available tooth are made available by the dentists, Jewellers, etc. These platinum teeth show a good fitting on person’s tooth.

Removable Platinum tooth are greatly appreciated by certain people. But palladium is cheaper than that of gold or platinum. Moreover, the same weight of palladium has a larger volume than gold or platinum. Platinum tooth helps in restoring the tooth structure and also serves as an elegant, beautiful and decorating thing in the mouth.

It makes the person’s smile wonderful and amazing. Moreover the platinum tooth is very much attractive. Not only teenagers, but also people of all age group appreciate it. Diamonds encrusted on the Platinum tooth caps are sparkling and make the people crazy to have it. Removable platinum tooth shows very good fitting even after repeated wearings


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