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Physical Exercises
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Benefits of Physical Exercises

One should perform yoga and other exercises because the definitely stimulate the functioning of the digestive system, regulate and activate the process of metabolism and enable the body to resist disease.

It is necessary that one should learn yoga and other exercises from and expert and experienced person and then perform them carefully and regularly. Everyone should possess two or three books on yoga and other exercises. The elders should explain the necessity of exercises to all the beneficial to physical health and mental health as well. Yoga exercises are not only good for physical health but also give true mental peace.

Yoga exercises are congenial to all persons irrespective of their age of sex. Besides, they can play an important role in curing many diseases. Yoga exercises cost neither money nor much time and do not require any equipment or contrivance. No big space is necessary to perform these exercises. They rarely cause fatigue or uneasiness. Health achieved by the such exercises, not involving spasmodic movements, gives unrivalled happiness.

Deep breathing Udiyan, Vaksha-vikas, Chakrasana, Parshwa-chakrasana, Yoga-mudra, Paschimottanasana, Halasaana, Supta-vajrasana, Sarvangasana, Pet-chalan, Utthita-dwipadasana, Shirshasana, etc, are among the main yoga exercises. Shirshasana is considered to be useful for keeping the eyes healthy, since it improves their blood circulation. Before starting the exercises it would be preferable to drink a glass of water kept overnight in a copper vessel.

Some lemon juice may be added to the water after transferring it form the copper vessel to drinking glass, provided the person does not suffer from joint-disorders. In the winter season, amla should be preferred to lemon juice. Even those suffering from joint-disorders can take amla juice.

Eye exercises should be added to the general exercises with a view to keeping the eye healthy. We find that most persons do not include the eye exercises in their routine exercises. The exercises are equally necessary. The following chapters describe the exercises meant especially for the eyes.

A practice of shavasana at the end of exercises is always beneficial. Shavasana should be performed for ten minutes twice a day: in the morning (after exercises) and at night before going to bed. It is necessary for the health of the body and the mind

Types of Physical Exercises

Lie down straight on your back without a pillow beneath the head. Keep your arms extended and parallel to your body. Relax all the parts of your body. Slow down the breathing rhythm. Close the eyes and concentrate upon the tip of your nose as if to see the nose with eyes closed. Relax your body to the condition as a corpse.

Pray silently to your favourite god. If you like recite ‘mantras’ during Shavasana, count those ‘mantra’ silently on the tips of your finger for ten minutes (predetermine the number of the ‘mantras’ necessary to complete ten minutes); or, if possible, keep and alarm clock which rings at a fixed time. This will be most appropriate. Forget everything while silently chanting ‘mantras’. Tell the members of your family not to disturb you while you are practicing Shavasana.

Practicing Shavasana in this way gives mental rest which in turn gives rest to the eyes. The peace of mink keeps your eyes free strain. Also, try constantly to keep you temperament as cool as possible


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