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Pelvic Gynarcological
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Pelvic Inflammatory disease is caused by a type of bacteria generally the same type that is responsible for several sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea and chlamydia.

In some cases, it develops from the bacteria that have traveled through the vagina and the cervix by way of an intrauterine device. Pelvic disease can affect the uterus, fallopian tubes and the ovaries.

It can lead to pelvic adhesions and scar tissue that develops between internal organs, causing on going pelvic pain and the possibility of an ectopic pregnancy. If left untreated, then infertility can develop.

Women of any age can get pelvic problem. Mostly sexually active women between the ages of 20 to 31 are at the greater risk of acquiring the disease through sexually transmitted bacteria. The most common symptoms of Pelvic Inflammatory disease are diffuse pain and tenderness in the lower pain.

They may feel pelvic pain. There may be increased foul-smelling vaginal discharge. Patient may feel fever and chills. There may be vomiting and nausea. Patient may experience pain during sexual intercourse. Symptoms may be mild enough that the condition may go undiagnosed. However, each individual may experience symptoms differently.

Pelvic inflammatory disease is diagnosed by microscopic examination of samples from the vagina and cervix, blood tests, ultrasound, laparoscopy, etc. Treatment for Pelvic inflammatory disease includes oral antibiotics. In cases of severe infection, hospitalization may be required to administer intravenous antibiotics.

Occasionally, surgery is necessary. Gynaecological health-Virtually every women in affected by a gynaecological condition or infection at some time during her life. Consider the following: Aside from AIDS, the common and serious complication of sexually transmitted diseases among women is Pelvic inflammatory disease.

Endomentriosis is also common and it is one of the three major causes of female infertility. Chlamydia, a sexually transmitted vaginal infection is the most frequently reported infectious disease. Cancer of the endometrium is the most common cancer of the female reproductive organs. When vulvar cancer is detected early, it is highly curable.

Vaginal cancer, is very rare and it is responsible for about 3 percent of cancers of the female reproductive system. Ovarian cancer is the most common cancer among women. Ovarian Cancer causes more deaths than any other cancer of the female reproductive system.

The mortality rates for cervical cancer have declined sharply. Some researchers have found that the noninvasive cervical caner, also referred to, as “Carcinoma in situ” is nearly four times more common than invasive cervical caner.

More than one million women experience can episode of acute Pelvic Inflammatory disease each year, with teenagers having the highest rate of infection. Many women become infertile each your as a result of Pelvic Inflammatory disease.

The Pelvic area consists of endometrium, the lining of the uterus, ovaries that is the two female reproductive organs located in the pelvis, Vagina that is the passageway through which fluid passes out of the body during menstrual periods, Vulva that is the external portion of the female genital organs, Cervix, that is the lower narrow part of the uterus located between the bladder and the rectum.

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