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Pediatric Dentist
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What is a Pediatric Dentist?

Pediatric Dentist is also known as Pedodontist. He/she deals in the treatment of dental problems in case of children. Children are the future of our country. So, it is very important to maintain their good health.

However, if the foundation of the our country is not strong, health wise, then there will be more prevalence of diseases in the country. Pediatric dentist/Pedodontist is one who is specialized in the field dental disease occurring in children.

He gets masters degree in Pendodontic subject of dental sciences. Which cases of children, general dentist is unable to handle properly, then those are referred to Pedodontist or Pediatric Dentist.

Pedodontist, require too much patience in handling children. As children are usually uncooperative and some of them cries or refuses to enter in the dental clinic. Some of them feel scared to sit on the dental chair.

In such cases, the pediatric dentist have a cool talk with the kid patient. Draw their attention towards the toy models placed on the side. They make the child feel comfortable and make them mentally prepared to sit on the dental chair and get the treatment done.

If there is dental caries present in children mouth, then the pediatric dentist cleans the teeth properly and put filling material into it. The filling material used is commonly Glass Ionomer Cements.

Silver amalgam should not be used because certain toxins liberated by it may prove harmful to the underlying tooth germs of the permanent teeth. But in case, the caries has extended up to the pulp lying in the pulp chamber, then there is need for Pulpotomy to be done.

Treatment is not done by Pedodontist, because in case of children root apex have not completely formed and thus the apical foremen is completely opened. In case of Pulpotomy, the complete removal of cornonal pulp is done. It provides relief. If the tooth is deciduous, it get shedded off. But if the tooth as permanent, pulpotomy is followed by Root Canal Therapy after the root apex are completely form

Pulpotomy is basically of two types, that is Formoacres of Pulpotomy and calcium hydroxide Pulpotmy. In case of Formoacresol, after deriding the pulp from the chamber, a formacresol soaked cotton pellet is placed onto it for 5 minutes. Then the pellet is removed and the cavity is filled with temporary filling material, that is Zinc Oxide Eugenol cement.

After two weeks or three weeks permanent filling is placed onto it. In case of Calcium hydroxide pulpotomy, though it leads to the development of secondary dentin but it has one major disadvantage, that it leads to the deciduous tooth resorption in case of children.

Pedodontists, make the children aware of the ill effects of dental disease. He motivates the children to take proper care of their teeth properly. They should brush their teeth twice daily and should perform it with technique. Soft bristled tooth brush should be used. In case of children particularly, avoidance should be made for sweets, toffees candies etc.


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