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Information on Orthodontist
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Orthodontist, is the one who is specialized in the field of Orthodontic, which is a dental science and helps in straightening or bringing the teeth in proper alignment

Irregularities of the teeth or malocclusion is the expression of an inharmonious development of those parts which contribute to the masticatory apparatus.

There are many forms of malocclusion which may not be acceptable aesthetically to the patient, but are in fact functionally satisfactory. Orthodontists, study the orthodontics by considering it both fascinating and instructive, being worthy of much more attention than it has received in the past.

Orthodontist, keeps in mind that while achieving the aim of establishment of normal function and aesthetic harmony of the masticatory apparatus he should not interfere with normal function more than is required.

The use of appliances should be kept to the minimum possible to attain the desired result lest they interfere with normal growth changes and produce further abnormality. It has been found that at least 50% of all school children may benefit from orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontist is not similar to as General Dental Surgeon. He has performed a further advanced study in orthodontics after doing bachelors of dental surgeon. Orthodontist is said to be Masters of dental surgeon in Orthodontics. Orthodontists treat all types of malocclusions.

Certain cases of Deep bite, Open bite, crops bite, are treated by Orthodontists .If the person has outwardly protruding teeth, then they are brought in towards the palatal side by orthodontists using the removable or fixed orthodontic appliances.

Though, the fixed orthodontic treatment is somewhat expensive, but it is the most reliable and gives better results as compared to Removable orthodontic appliances. If the teeth are overcrowded then orthodontist maintains spaces between them.

Orthodontists also helps in breaking the harmful habits in children like Thumb Sucking, Tongue thrusting, Mouth Breathing etc. They achieve this with the use of habit breaking appliances. Such habits are not only had looking but they also malalign the deciduous teeth as well as permanent teeth lying below.

Orthodontists, by the way of natural and learned skill the their hands, serves the mankind too much. As nowadays, media has become very popular.

Modeling and acting has gained lots of importance, so by the work of Orthodontist, by bringing the teeth of most people in good alignment, they have made career of lots of people.

Hence by correcting the malocclusion, orthodontists helps in preventing the impaction of food inter-proximally which would have resulted in development of caries. Moreover, gingivitis would have also occurred if the teeth are not properly placed, as in case of traumatic deep bite cases, the incisal edges of anterior teeth may lead to trauma on lip, mucosa, or adjacent structures. Moreover, preliminary tooth movement by orthodontist is necessary to facilitate the construction of a satisfactory prosthesis.

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