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What Is Myopia?

Myopia, is usually correctible with the use of glasses, contacts or vision surgery. But there are certain cases in which the myopia is so severe that it is considered pathologic. This type of Pathologic myopia develops generally by the aged of 12. It is seen in those people who have an extraordinarily elongated eyeball. The stretching of the eyeball worsens with age and can result in a progressive and severe loss of vision.

Myopic person has a negative number. It has been thought that, the higher the numeral, the stronger the lenses will be. Refractory surgery can reduce or even eliminate the need for glasses or contacts. The most common procedures are performed with an excimer laser.

In this case, the laser removes a layer of corneal tissue, which flattens the cornea and allows light rays to focus closer to or even on the retina.

There is also orthokeratology, a non-surgical procedure, where the person wear special contact lenses that slowly reshape the cornea overtime to correct the myopia. When the lenses are removed then the cornea temporarily retains the new shape, so that the person can see clearly without the lenses. There is another surgical procedure also used for the correction of mild myopia.

It chiefly consists of the implantation of plastic corneal rings which after the shape of the cornea. The main advantage of the rings is that they may be removed in case of a problem or adjusted accordingly.

They can also be left in place permanently. With Orthokeratolgy or corneal refractive therapy, patient wear cornea-shaping lenses at night so he/she have daytime vision without contacts or glasses.

It is also known as Nearsightedness. It is a commonly seen vision problem. It is usually experienced by near about one-third of the population. People suffering from nearsightedness have difficulty is reading highway signs. They also feel difficulty in seeing objects which lie at certain distance. But they can easily see close lying objects, like they can perform reading or sew ring.

Causes of Myopia

It occurs when the eyeball is slightly longer than usual is front to back. Due to this the light rays are focused at a point in front of the retina instead of directly on its surface. This problem, that is Myopia usually runs in families. It commonly appears in childhood. This vision problem may stablilize at a certain point, but sometimes it worsens with age. This is known as myopic creep.

Signs and Symptoms of myopia

People suffering from near sightedness often suffers from headache. They may also suffer from eyestrain. Patients may squint. They may feel fatigued when driving or playing sports. It has been believed that if a person feels these symptoms during the wearing of glasses or contract lenses, then he/she needs detailed eye examination. Moreover, for near sighted people, far objects are blurry, whereas on the other hand, the closer objects are seen more clearly.




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