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Miscarriage, is defined as a woman who can conceive but cannot carry a pregnancy to the full term. In a medical term, miscarriage is also known as abortion. Miscarriage is infect described as an extend definition of infertility. If a patient got suffered from two or ore miscarriages consecutively then it is called repeated or habitual abortion.

Causes of Miscarriage

Lift style of the woman affects the miscarriage. Occupational hazards cause miscarriage. If the woman is regularly exposed to toxic fumes and chemicals such as those who work in chemical factories may suffer from miscarriages.

Nurses and anesthetists in hospital operating rooms, can also develop managing of the foetus because the foetus is very sensitive to poison and hence miscarriage occurs. Those women who are involved in smoking, alcoholism drug abuse, etc may also experience miscarriage.

Men exposed to environmental toxins can cause their partner to miscarry a foetus, because the toxin damage their sperm. Poycystic ovarian syndrome is also considered to be the cause of miscarriage.

In such cases, the ovaries produce a large amount of the leutinizing Hormone and 5this hormone and this hormone has a detrimental effect an the egg. So, at the time of ovulation, the egg releases is over ripe and unhealthy. If such an eggs is fertilized then the embryo is also likely to be unhealthy and is mostly rejected by the body after 6 to 8 weeks as a miscarriage.

Signs and Symptoms of Miscarriage

There are certain physical illness also that can leads to miscarriages like-Diabetes, infections caused by sexually transmitted diseases, Thyroid ailments, severe heart, liver or kidney ailments, Endometriosis, etc. Improper activation of the mother’s immune system may also lead to miscarriages.

The body immune system plays an important protective role in maintaining health throughout one’s life by defending against infection. If rejects the outside invaders like bacteria, virus, etc. during normal pregnancy, the foetus which carries father’s foreign genes nevertheless can survive in the mother’s uterus because of a special protection from the mother’s immune system.

But actually what happens that in normal course of events, the fertilized egg some how stimulates a protective material immune response which allows implantation and growth. For few couples, this protective response does not occur and the material immune system rejects the foreign genes in the foetus, there resulting in miscarriage.

Some woman produce antibodies against circulating substances that causes blood clotting and these antibodies are called lupus anticoagulant. They severally inhabit fetal development by blocking off the blood supply to the foetus by causing clots in the material fatal circulation and cause miscarriage.

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