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Role of minerals on skin

Nutrition is of utmost importance in attaining a radiant, healthy and glowering skin. Along with that minerals and vitamins are also essential to have a good looking skin. It has been believed that our skin been believed that our skin acts as a fingerprint of what is going on inside our body.

Hence, we can say that minerals, vitamins and nutrition play and important role in maintaining a healthy complexion. So, the skin conditions like acne, psoriasis, all occur when our skin is deprived of essential nutrients.

We should feed our skin both from inside and outside. Antioxidants are though to be very good element in maintaining a healthy looking skin. It also makes the skin feel better, even as the person grows, that is in the old age.

Types of minerals essential for human skin

First of all, we should know that the spring water is a natural source of Minerals. So, the person who drinks spring water, automatically get large amount of minerals in is body.

Even, it has been found that if a person washes his face with mineral water then many skin problems can be avoided. The mineral content of the spring water helps the skin cells to absorb moisture in a much better way and thus prevents various skin problems.

Copper : It is an important mineral. It helps in the development of elastin. Elastin is form of fibre, which helps to support the skin structure present beneath. It has been found by researchers that a cream containing copper mineral shows the rapid improvements in skin roughness.

It also prevents wrinkling and photo damage. Copper also improves skin elasticity and thickness. The copper mineral acts along with Vitamin C a mineral Zinc. The depletion of copper is very less seen in common life. Extra dosage of copper can be dangerous. So, it is never advised to eat extra amount of copper.

Selenium : This most important mineral for skin. It pays a key role in the prevention of skin cancer. Selenium can be either taken in oral dosage form or it can be applied in cream for.

This mineral provides protection to the skin from sun damage. Even if a person spends some time in the sun, then selenium decreases the chances of sunburn.

Even the sunburn cells, formation is decreased in person’s who take oral selenium or copper. Moreover, it has been known that the skin patients who ingested 200 micrograms of selenium per day have fewer malignancies, reduced risk of death from skin cancer and decrease in overall mortality. The mineral selenium is found commonly in whole grain cereals, sear food, garlic and eggs.

Zinc : Zinc is also known to be a skin friendly mineral. It is a very useful. It is very useful in the treatment of acne, which is a common skin problem.

Moreover, sometimes if a has Zinc deficiency, then also acne supplements can be given orally or applied in topical form. Zinc helps in making the skin clear by controlling the oil production. Thus, it is helpful in controlling the formation of acne lesions. Food rich in Zinc mineral are Oysters, lean meat and poultry.


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