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Menstruation represents a major stage of puberty in girls. It’s one of the many physical signs that a girl is turning into a women. And like a lot of the other changes associated with puberty, menstruation can be confusing for girls.

Some girls can’t wait to start their products, whereas others may feel afraid or anxious. Many girls and guys don’t have a complete understanding of a women’s reproductive system or what actually happens during, the menstrual cycle, making the process seem even more mysterious.

Puberty and periods

When girls begin to go through puberty (usually starting between the ages of 8 and 13), their bodies and minds changes in many ways. The hormones in their bodies stimulate new physical development, such as growth and breast development.

About 2 to 2 ½ years after a girl’s breast begin to develop, she usually gets her first menstrual period. About 6 months or so before getting her first period, a girl might notice an increased amount of clear vaginal discharge. This discharge is common. There is no need for a girl to worry about discharge unless it has a strong odour or causes itchiness.

The starting of periods is known as menarche. Menarche doesn’t happen until all the parts of a girl’s reproductive system have natured and are working together.

Menstruation During Pregnancy

The amount of time that a girl has her periods can vary. Some girls have periods that last just a 2 or 3 days. Other girls may have periods that last 7 days or long. The menstrual flow-meaning how much blood comes out of the vagina.

It also varies widely from person to person. Some girls have such light blood flow that they wonder if they even have their periods at all. Other girls may be concerned that they’re losing too much blood. It can be a shock, but it is highly unlikely that a girl will lose too much.

For most girls an entire period consists of anywhere from a few spoonfuls to less than ½ cup of blood, it just looks like lot. Even the amount of blood a girl loses and how long her period lasts can differ from month to month.

Menstruation Symptoms

Some girls may notice physical or emotional changes around the time of their periods. Menstrual cramps are very common. More than half of all women who menstruate suffer from the cramps during the first days of their periods. Cramps are caused by prostaglandin, a chemical that causes the muscles of the uterus to contract.

Depending on the person, menstrual cramps can be dull and achy or sharp and intense and they can sometimes be felt in the back or the thighs as well as the abdomen. These cramps often become less uncomfortable and some times even disappear completely as a girl gets older.

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