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For a blush that is too dark,

For a very dark blush, scrape it up into a fine powder and put it in any container with a lid on it. Mix some powder (anything that best suits you) in it until it is as light as you want it .

In this way you can turn a very dark blush into a light blush that would give a very natural look and the blush too will last longer. Always remove excess blush color from your cheeks in order to avoid a too-heavy application.

For a blush that is too bright,

For a blush which is too bright, Mash the blush up in the container , and slowly add small amounts of the brown blush to tone it down and now it il also give a more natural look. By this method you can make a too-purple blush wearable.

To apply a loose powder blush,

Dip the blush brush only in the film of powder so that you do not pick too much blush on your brush and then tap the brush to remove the excess of the blush so that it gives a more natural look and you do not over do your makeup

To apply a broken blush compact

For a broken blush compact. Just mash up the rest of the blush and put it in a Tupperware container as described above and use as a loose powder blush.

To apply a loose powder blush , dip the blush brush only in the film of powder on the sides of the container to avoid picking up too much blush on your brush. Then tap the brush on the edge of the sink to remove any excess.

For a frosted brush

If you want a little frost to highlight your cheeks for a special evening, here's how to do it without spending money on an additional frosted blush.  

Apply a light colored frosted eyeshadow (creme or powder) to the tops of your cheekbones. If it is a powder shadow, use a brush and apply it lightly.

With a powder you could also apply it all over your cheekbones on top of your blush. Gold, Silver, Pink, Peach, Champagne, and Beige can all work.You can also use a light colored frosted lipstick on the top of your cheekbones instead. You could also use any frosted light pink or peach.

Another option is to just use a frosted colored lipstick as your blush. To make a cream blush frosted, mix in a little light frosted eyeshadow (cream or powder) or a little frosted lipstick.

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