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Step 1: The Attitude

You can't go into this sort of a makeover feeling luke a wilting violet. So, toughen up. Walk up to random strangers(good looking ones) and try making them do things for you. cultivate the princess "lift a finger"? But i couldn't style. Ever seen a movie star fetching her bottle of Bisleri? Practise the walk. the sight swaying swish of the hips and general 'floating on two inches of air' kind of walk.Never, ever clomp. Glide, chin up, bak straight, tummmy in. While you are at it, look like you own the room, the people and rhe furniture. A necessary accesort for this sort of attitude is heels. it will seem those meaty calves, push your spirit into a ballerina high. as Anahita Shoroff of L'Officiel , a lifestyle magazine says," a woman in heels look taller, slimmer and sexier".

Step 2: The clothes

Here is where we all go exotic. first, the colors. "Go forsolid colours. White, black, deep burgundy, red, turquoise, shocking pink are all good choices" says stylist Yatan Ahluwalia. Keep one essential in mind. Women, with warm skin tones like yellow, peach or red generally look the best in colours with the same undertones. If you have a warm complexion, avoid colours that are cool like violet, pink or green and vice-versa, says Yatan. Never, 'cut' your body by wearing diffferent coloured pieces like blue top and a pink skirt.

This, says channel V stylist Nitika Rijhsinghani, will make you look short and stumpy. Secondly, throw modesty out the window and flash a bit of that cleavage or leg, whichever is in better shape. Take a cue from Biphasa Basu. if you've got graet collarbones, hot- foot it to the next door off-shoulder gown you see. Fitted clothes in stretch fabrics like lycra will cling to all the right places and flow over the bumpy parts. The flaunting of curves is really the key to feminity. Besides, the usual suspects, satin and silk, soft, flowy fabrics like lace, georgette, crepes and chiffon also add to the hot look, says Rockys designer for the stars. Think Sushmita Sen with all the accompanying violins in Main Hoon Na or Urmilla Mathondkar.

Step 3: The accessories

Where would a movie star be without her glasses, asks Yatan? And by this he means shades. Never, ever wear glasses. No actress, post makeover, wears glassses in a movie. so, only very expensive chanel type shades and make them big and retro. prop'em up on your hair, twirl them around as aprop to your converstaion , let the stem graze your lips slowly while sitting lost in thought. Item two- jewellery. don't wear all your family heirlooms, warns rocky. One whooper ofa diamond cross on your throat strung in a platinum chain is quite enough. Don't have it?.Good costume jewellery is perfectly serviceable, according to Yatan. keep jewellery limited but makeeach piece you wear expensive to the eye.

Step 4: Innerwear

If you're wearing the right kind, it shouldn't be seen. It should push up, shape, tighten but never ever should it slip out.

Step5: The body

De-hair yourself from haed tomtoe, only sparing your saclp , your eye-brows and, if you are vhicken, the other extremely painful part. Then exfolaite, exfoliate, exfoliate. Next, moisturise with every inch of your life. your knees and elbows especially, says makeup artist Jojo. Manicure and pedicure till your hands and feet look like they have never done a day's work. finally spray on a musky, mysterious and feminine perfume. No sport or unisex sprays, says Harmeet Sethi, a Mumbai based stylist with MTV

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