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Magnetic Healing for Eyes
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Before discussing the effects of magnets of the eyes, it would be worthwhile to consider the background of magneto therapy.

Without taking into account, magneto therapy’s history, its development and its effects on life, its role in the treatment of eyes cannot be correctly understood.

As a scientific mode of treatment, magneto therapy’s evolution can be traced back to about fifty years. In America , Russia , Japan and some other development countries, magneto therapy has signed appreciable acceptance and popularity. In some other countries, it is spreading rapidly. In India , however, only a few know about magneto therapy.

The early experiments with magnet were naturally performed on plants, insects and animals. These experiments brought to light some amazing facts. Dr. Medelin Barnothy of Illinois University , America has compiled a book ‘Biological effects of magnetic field’ which includes experimental findings of researchers from America , England , Russia , France , etc. It would be worthwhile to briefly consider some of these findings.

Seeds treated with magnets germinated earlier and grew faster. They showed a greater resistance to plant diseases and unfavourable weather. They grew into tall trees and bore heavy fruit. Seeds and plants irrigated with ‘magnetized water’ showed similar results.

Experiments were performed on a variety of animals including mice, rabbits and rhesus monkeys. When kept for a fixed period of time in a magnetic field for six weeks, these animals lived considerably longer. These animals could keep away degenerative changes of old age. Female rats experienced negligible difficulty at the time of delivering babies.

Most important finding was remission of cancer. When animals suffering from cancer were continuously kept in a strong magnetic field, the cancer tumour shrunk in size and ultimately disappeared. Effects of magnetic field on human beings: Every cell of our body is an electrical unit and hence possesses its own magnetic field.

The terminology of magneto therapy defines disease as condition in which there is a lack of harmony in the vibrations of cells of different organs. Whenever there is a disturbance in magnetic field of a tissues, its natural vibratory frequency is disrupted and disease ensues. Therefore, it vibrates with a particular frequency

Due to the altered vibratory frequency, that tissue or the organ cannot function co-ordinatedly with other organs, giving rise to a disease. If the natural frequency of vibration can be regained. Permanent magnets provide a steady magnetic field and help to restore halth.

Direct beneficial effects of magnetic field :

When magnets are kept in contact of a body-part, the later regains its natural frequency of vibration.

The electromagnetic waves emanating from the magnets penetrate deep into the body to reach each and ever cell. The cell-material (cytoplasm) gets polarized. Polarization imparts strength to the cells.

Magnetic filed stimulates the growth of new cells, hastens wound-healing and encourages rapid union of broken bone. Magnetic field inhibits the activities of disease-causing micro-organisms and ultimately destroys them.

Indirect beneficial effects of magnetic field :

All the body-fluids are affected by magnets. Many physical and chemical properties like density, viscosity, surface tension, etc, fluids undergo favourable changes.

Blood is also a body-fluid. The above mentioned effects are observed on blood too. Besides, the red blood corpuscles of the blood are affected due to the iron present in them.

When electromagnetic waves enter the blood-stream, eddy-currents are produced. These eddy-currents warm the blood and increase the numbers of ions present in blood.

When such ionized blood circulates in the body, benefits ensue. Deposits of cholesterol and calcium on the inner surface of blood-vessels are washed away. The slight increase in the blood’s temperature regulates the various hormonal secretions. Warm blood helps to resolve swelling and decrease pain.

When our body is infected by disease-causing organisms, the number of white blood corpuscles increases; the erythrocyte sedimentation rate (E.S.R.) goes up. After appropriate treatment with magnets, the infection is overcome. The testimony to this fact is the decrease in the number of white blood corpuscles and the E.S.R.

In short, magnetized blood refreshes and rejuvenates the body-cells, improves the body’s resistance to disease and increases the efficiency of various body-systems.

These are the indirect beneficial effects of magnetic field. Thus even when the magnets are applied to one part of the body , the whole body is affected and benefited.

Magnetised water:

Physical and chemical properties of water are favourably affected by magnets. When magnetized water is drunk, it imparts health and vigour to the body. Digestion improves; gastric acidity decreases; the excretory system becomes more efficient. Magnetized water has been found to dissolve or disintegrate kidney or bladder stones

Drinking water can be charged with magnetism by placing a glass/plastic bottle containing drinking water between attracting (i.e. north and south) poles of two strong magnets, overnight. The water should be consumed in does of 100-125ml., four times a day. This water may also be used to bathe eyes.

The effects of magnets on the eyes :

Small, weak, magnets can be used for local treatment of the eyes.

Most common eye ailments like burning, redness, itching, discharge (formation of mucous) and watering should be treated with south poles. Similarly, visual defects like short-sightedness and (myopic) astigmatism, (hypermetropic) astigmatism, presbyopia) and eye-disease like cataract, retinal degeneration and optic atrophy call for the north poles. For eye-treatment, a frame containing suitable magnets should be worm for 10-15 minutes, twice a day.

All the good effects of the magnetic field, discussed in the preceding paragraphs, take place on eyes too. It is the experience of authors that regular use of magnets helps to prevent or cure many eye-diseases.

A person undertaking magnetic treatment of eyes should keep the following two points in mind:

Cold water should not be splashed on the face or bath should not be taken for an hour before or after they magnetic treatment of the eyes.

  • On should not worry if, during the first day or two of the treatment, the head feels slightly heavy.

Magneto-therapy is an effective yet harmless mode of treatment. The treatment of eyes with magnets has yielded very good results. Better results are obtained if along with the local treatment of the eyes, a generalized treatment of the whole body is also simultaneously undertaken. General health also depends upon right food and regular exercise. Treatment of eyes alone, disregarding other parts of the body is likely to succeed only partially. The various methods of applying magnets to improve general health or to get rid or diseases cannot be incorporated in this small book. The reader is advised to procure and study a few good books on magneto therapy.

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