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Light Therapy
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Along with many new discoveries, the science of light therapy has been advancing rapidly. Technology has changed a lot nowadays and today's light therapy is much better than it was even ten years ago. Products used for light therapy have become smaller and more portable in these days and they are more effective in delivering specific type of light that produces quicker and much stronger response.

Light Therapy is defined as the use of natural or artificial light to treat various diseases. Commonly depressive and sleep disorders are treated with light therapy. Light Therapy can be performed by the physician, physiotherapist, psychiatrist or it can be done on one's own with proper instruction from a trained professional.

Types of Light Therapy

It is considered that the best form of light therapy is exposure to the full spectrum wavelength of natural sunlight. But it is not possible for all people to get outdoors. Hence, treatment with simulated sunlight from light boxes is considered best by the light therapists. Nowadays the most commonly used light therapy is known as Bright light therapy.

In this case the person is required to sit near a special light box which is fitted with high intensity light bulbs and which may provide either full spectrum or white light. This type of light therapy is used in treating SAD, known as seasonal affective disorder. It is also known as the winter blues that is form of depression, which occurs when the amount of daylight wanes due to the change of seasons.

It is also known to be effective for some sleep disorders. Other types of light therapy are like coloured light therapy and cold laser therapy. The coloured light therapy utilizes filtered food lights or small beams of light to bathe the skin in different shades of colour in flashing patters.

It has been though that different colours of light affect the body by altering production of neurochemicals in the skin. In case of Cold laser therapy, series of enzymatic reactions and bioelectric events are produced which stimulate the natural healing process at the cellular level.

Cold laser therapy is used for relieving pain, reducing inflammation and also helps to heal wounds.

Benefits of Light Therapy

It has been known that the light is vital for many aspects of healthy living. For example, light is necessary to maintain the body’s circadian rhythms or internal clock. These rhythms control various functions, that is from hormone levels to sleep and wake cycles.

It has been seen that the eye turns light into electrical impulses, which travel along the optical nerve to the brain and thus triggering the release of the mood-altering chemical, serotonin and other chemical messengers.

Healthy levels of serotonin and other neurotransmitters are very much helpful in maintaining persons emotional well-being.

Light Therapy is also used to treat the depression associated, chronic anxiety and panic attacks and eating disorders such as anoxeria nervosa. Particular type of light therapy with ultraviolet radiation is used for the treatment of Psoriasis. But if a person’s skin or eyes are highly sensitive to light, then they should avoid light therapy.

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