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This is a thick, black, ointment, made of ground lead sulfide or antimony sulfide, which is used as an eye liner, a coolant, and protector against the evil eye.

1. Kohl has been used for centuries by women for its enhancement and medincinal qualities.

2. It is believed to cure the eye of ailment.

3. When applied in makeup, good kajal sticks give a dreamy look to your eyes.

4. From the time a child is six days old, its mother applies kajal to its eyes and also a small black dot on the forehead to mar the child's beauty. This 'imperfection' is said to protect from evil.


Kajal can be made at home by mixing the soot of an oil lamp with clarified butter, while commercially it is available in small boxes or as pencils

How to Apply Kajal

Kajal is applied with a fingertip on the inner rim of the lower eyelid and sometimes on the upper lid as well. Open your eyes and apply the kajal inside the eye, next to the lower lash line.

When applied on the lower inner rim of the eye it can be started from the innermost corner or from the middle to the outer corner of the eye. Kajal is usually put on the lower rim of the eyes for the soft look.

Defining the yes well with kajal:

If eye liner is applied over the kajal put on lower rim, it defines the eyes very well.

Length of applying kajal

Choose the length which suits you. You may wear kajal along the full length of the eye or even keep it shorter-3/4, 1/2 or 11/4 of the eye.


To make small eyes look bigger put only 1/2 length-starting from middle to the outer corner of eye

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