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Important cosmetic tools

Some basic standbys will be invaluable for helping you achieve a professional, finished look to your make up.


will be needed for cleansing routines, for correcting mistakes, for blotting lipstick, and for keeping your hands and working surfaces clean.

Cotton buds

are handy for removing smudges, blending shadows and softening pencils lines. They also make good applicators for powder eye shadow.

Cotton wool

is perfect for applying toner and for dusting off excess face powder or powder eye shadow .Cotton balls are convenient, but a roll will work out cheaper.


can be either natural or synthetic; it’s good to have a stock of several for applying foundation. Clean and rinse them regularly.

Powder puffs

will be needed for compressed face powder.Eyebrow tweezers, scissors, eyelash curlers and a cosmetic pencil sharpner.

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ABC of Makeup
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