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This is a fun, easy and safe way to achieve polished fingernails. This is for adults only, or to do with adult supervision for younger girls. Before beginning this procedure, it is best to take some time to begin grooming the nails and washing hands thoroughly with lukewarm, soapy water.

Dry thoroughly, as water and excess oils on the nails will cause polish and other elements not adhere properly. Firstly, take out as many cotton balls as needed one at a time and safely douse each fingernail with nail polish until your fingernail is your natural true colour.

If you are frequently using fingernail polish then your natural nail can become tinted a little of a yellowing colour and it should not be confused with bold yellow and not red or green. If the fingernails or fingers start to become red or swollen then they require immediate medical attention.

Next, an emery board is used for filing down rough nail surfaces. This Emery board is rough on the surface at least on one side. An emery board should not be used to scrape the natural surface at all. It will make the smooth fingernails rough.

It is used on the end of the nail, in order to give it a consistent shape and to make the tip of the nail smooth but not rough. Fingernail trimmer is used when a person wants to reshape or shorten the nails more efficiently.

Next, cuticle remover is used to remove the cuticle or to push to pick out a nail polish colour. That colour should be picked up which matches the skin colour, outfit style that you wear or shade of a lipstick. Then a coat is made over the whole nail evenly.

If you make a mistake them take a paper towel and douse it with nail polish remover and try to get the excess polish off your skin using the flat edge of the paper towel. When not wearing coloured polish, it is best to wear one or two coats of a clear nail protector in order to encourage nail maintenance.


Person doesn’t need to rush off to a salon before donning those open-toed shoes. They can get their feet in tip-top shape at home. For this first of all, old nail polish is removed thoroughly. Feet are soaked in warm water for at least 10-15 minutes. Add Epsom salts or any other commercial foot soak.

Clip your toenails straight across using a toenail clipper or scissors. Clipping straight across will help to prevent ingrown toenails. File the toenails to smooth any rough edges. Then pus backs your cuticles. Use a cuticle moisturizer if they do not push back easily after soaking.

Massage your feet with a moisturizing lotion. Use an exfoliating lotion if the skin is dry or roughened. Use a loofah a pumice stone on roughened areas. Separate your toes. Put cotton between your toes, or use a ready-made device for pedicures.

Apply a base coat and give it time to dry. Apply polish, cleaning up any stray marks with a cotton swab dipped in polish remover.

Add a second coat for deep colour. Complete the pedicure with a topcoat of clear polish. You should leave your shoes off for at least an hour or two a allow the polish to dry thoroughly. Avoid cutting the cuticles with scissors or nail clippers.

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