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Herbs and oils for dry skin

  • Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera gel has been used in the treatment of wounds, minor burns, and skin irritations since ages. The plant contains about 96 percent of water; the other active ingredients include essential oil, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, enzymes and glycoproteins. All these ingredients provide a natural glow to the skin and helps in retaining moisture of the skin even in harsh climates.

  • Chamomile

Due to soothing and anti-inflammatory properties it is an ideal herb to use in the treatment of various skin problems including eczema, irritations etc. it can be used for bathing. Tie one or half cup fresh or dried herb in linen bag. Place in tub with hot water and let it get soaked for 10 minutes. Add cold water according to your preference.

  • Calendula

It belongs to the same family as arnica and has wound healing properties. The main constituents of the herb are carotenoids, resin, essential oil, flavonoids, sterol, saponins and mucilage. The flowers are an excellent remedy for inflamed skin.

  • Sage

Sage contains a volatile oil, resin, tannin and a bitter principle. The oil is composed of camphor, salvene, cineol and pinene. The fresh leaves contain good amounts of vitamin A and C that are helpful in dealing with all skin problems. It is considered one among the natural antiseptics.

Essential oils

  • Lavender oil

It is one of the active ingredients of aromatherapy. Lavender essential oils contain hormones, antibiotics, pheromones and cell regenerating agents that nourish, energies and protect the skin.

  • Hyssop oil

Hyssop oil acts as a stimulant and a tonic. Massaging the skin with hyssop oil helps in dealing with dryness, wounds and burns.



Sandalwood and the essential oil have been used in Ayurveda from many centuries. Oil is a stimulant and an antiseptic. It has a soothing effect on the skin.

Other than face packs, facial, herbs and essential oil, diet also plays an important role in dealing with dry skin. A person should include all the four basic food groups i.e. fruits and vegetables, grains, seeds and nuts.

Emphasis should be on raw foods, fresh fruit juices and the food products rich in sulphur like garlic, onion and eggs. Fried foods, alcohol, smoking, caffeine, soft drinks should be avoided as they dehydrate the skin. Other than diet regular exercise is the best way to provide a healthy and natural glow to the skin.



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