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Every kind of skin needs moisturizer. Among all the skin types, dry skin needs the maximum moisturizer as moisturizing the skin helps in retaining the essential moisture needed by the skin. The moisturizer should always be applied at night after washing it thoroughly.

Elder Flower Cream

Mix together three tablespoons almond oil, four tablespoons elder flower blossoms and one tablespoon lanolin in a bowl over a water bath. Let it simmer together for an hour, strain the mixture and add warm water slowly.

Honey Cream

Mix three tablespoons lanolin, half-tablespoon honey and one-teaspoon lecithin in a bowl and melt over a water bath. Slowly add four tablespoons warm water and beat it continuously until it cools.

Comfrey Cream

  • Lanolin – one tablespoon

  • White emulsifying wax – two tablespoons

  • Beeswax – six tablespoons

  • Almond oil, comfrey infusion – six tablespoons

Melt the oils and waxes together over a water bath, cool and store in a refrigerator. Take a couple of teaspoons of the cream, melt it and add a teaspoon of comfrey infusion. Again allow the cream to cool and then store and use it to apply on the face.

Avocado And Almond Cream

  • Beeswax – three teaspoons

  • Emulsifying wax – three teaspoons

  • Almond oil – half cup

  • Avocado oil – one-fourth cup

  • Rose water – three tablespoons

Melt the waxes in an enamel pan over a water bath, then add the avocado and almond oils. Now add the heated rosewater drop by drop with continuously stirring. Remove from the heat and continue stirring till it is cool.

Cocoa Butter Cream

  • Cocoa butter – two tablespoons

  • Emulsifying wax- two tablespoons

  • Beeswax – one tablespoon

  • Sesame oil – four tablespoons

  • Almond oil – one tablespoon

Heat all the ingredients together over a water bath with continuous stirring. When the ingredients are completely melted, remove from the heat and stir until the cream is cool. The cream leaves the skin smooth without making it greasy.

Almond Oil Moisturizing Cream

Put two teaspoons beeswax and one teaspoon emulsifying wax into a bowl and melt over the water bath. When completely melted, add in five teaspoons almond oil. In a separate bowl, heat the water over the same water bath so that the both bowls are at the same temperature. Slowly add water to the melted waxes and oils with continuous stirring. Remove form the heat and stir it continuously. Allow it to cool and then add a few drops of lavender oil.


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