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Henna for Hair
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Henna comes from the dried leaves of the Egyptian private Lawsonia alba. It has conditioning and colour properties and has been used in Europe since around 1890. Henna is a coating dye which means it stains the cuticle layer of the hair. Colour fades gradually so subsequent applications are needed every six to eight weeks to intensify tone and condition. Hair cannot be lightened with Henna and is not usually suitable for hair with more than twenty per cent grey, or hair that is bleached or highlighted.

How To Use Henna For Hair?

1. A henna(mehandi)paste mixed with curd, an egg and lemon juice is an excellent conditioner if left on the hair for 45 minutes.if you have dry hair, add 1-2 teaspooons of olive oil or coconut oil to the henna paste.

2. Recipe For Herbal Henna-

Take one part henna powder, 1/2 prt amla powder, 1/2 part shikakai powder andjuice of one fresh lemon. Add boiled water to form a smooth paste. apply the hennapaste when it is lukewarm. Leave it on for half an hour and then rinse throughly with plain water. Leave it on for half an hour and then rinse throughly with plain water. You can also use riths to shampoo your hair

To lend a rich burgundy tint to hair

Henna regularly for about once a week. Take 200gms of henna and add one cup of amla and tea water to it. Mix together and leave in an iron vessel overnight. Apply it to your hair the next day, leave on for at least two hours and wash off. When dry, apply amla hair oil. This will help darken the hair dramatically in 3 to4 applications.

Hair Henna Recipe

A:take one part henna powder,1/2 part amla powder,1/2 part shikakai powder and juice of one fresh lemon.add boiled water to form a smooth paste.apply the henna paste when it is lukewarm.leave it on forhalf an hour and then rinse throughly with plain can also use soapnuts(rithas)to shampoo your hair.

How to Apply Henna

Mix required quantity of henna according to your hairlength with black coffee, red wine, olive oil, bit of lemon juice and boiled tea water. Mix it all up in a plastic bowl and let it sit overnight covered with a wrapper.

Apply it on your hair the next day .Wrap the top of your head with the plastic cap and leave it in for 3 hours.Rinse well with with cool water. It is not necessary that you would get the required reddish effect as soon as you apply henna because it takes a few days for the henna to oxidize and change color. The end result is Orangey-reddish tones but with oxidation, henna will turn darker and redder.

It is always better to perform a small test before the aplication of henna because in any case henna does not give any gurantee any hair color . Thus it si advised that you always perform the hair test so that you have a bettter undersatnding of your hair type and you can make your own decision whether or not the henna product is safe for your hair.

Thus after performing the test you should be very well satisfied as the results obtained by the test will be the same as the resukt that will be obtained by the application of henna on your hair

Q. How long does one application last?

Most people find that one application lasts from six to 12 weeks, although henna can last up to six months for some people. One advantage of henna over chemical dyes is that it gradually fades with repeated washings; as your hair grows out, there will be no obvious, tell-tale roots.

Q. Can I use henna to lighten my hair?

Henna does not lighten hair. If you don't want to color-treat your hair, you can use Light Mountain Neutral to condition and enhance your hair's natural highlights without adding color

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