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Healthy Diet for Healthy Eyes
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Good health and good sight go hand in hand. Without good health, one canoe hopes for good sight, especially in old age.

Eyes are a part of the body. Any treatment of eye trouble ignoring general health is not likely to succeed fully.

To maintain or to improve health, we should cultivate correct dietary habits. To keep the digestive system efficient, we should eat at the same time every day; we should fast occasionally and should exercise regularly

With advancing age, the efficiency of digestive organs ebbs. At 40-45 years of age, if we continue to eat all those things which we ate in youth, we may not be able to digest them completely.

Imperfect metabolism is probably one of the reasons for old-age eye-problems. Hence after middle one of the reasons for should be one which is simple and easily digestible

One who wishes to maintain perfect eye-sight even in old age should make a firm resolution to cut down the intake of sweet, fried or spicy things, very cold eatables, tea, coffee and alcoholic beverages. The diet should be simple, natural and nutritious. This would ensure good health and good eyes.

The total quantity of food eaten should also be taken into account. One should eat to live, and not live to eat, as is the case with most of us. Excessive food is burden to the digestive organs and invariably leads to indigestion and other troubles.

Many a physicians see digestive disorders at the root of all other disease. In short, moderate quantity of well-balanced diet is beneficial to the body

A well-balanced diet is one which comprises of:

  • Carbohydrates -approximately 40-50%

  • Proteins -approximately 15-20 %

  • Fats -approximately 3-5 %

  • Vitamins & Minerals -approximately 20-25 %

  • Fibre & roughage -approximately 5-7%

Carbohydrates are easily available from cereals, pulses and edible roots like potatoes and sweet potatoes. It is desirable that a meal should have only one type of carbohydrates.

Milk, pulses, meat, fish and eggs are the chief sources of proteins. Though animal-proteins are easily digestible and complete, yet their use is undesirable because of the presence of an amino-acid methionine which is believed to damage the blood-vessels.

Fats can be obtained for ghee, butter and various oils.

Vitamins and minerals are found aplenty in various raw importances for general; as well as eye-health. Fruits and vegetables also supply us with fibres and roughage which are necessary for the movement of the bowels. Other sources of roughage are wheat-bran, whole pulses, whole cereals, etc.


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