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Hairiness and Treatment

Excessive Hairness has another name known as Hirsutism. The Hirsutism is characterized by too much growth of hairs and certain regions of skin. That skin is normally not hairy. Hairiness is commonly seen in both males and female.

But it has been noted that females are more commonly affected. Hairiness is also known as abnormal hairiness or excess hair growth. Excessive hair growth is also genetically influenced. But excessive due to heredity is very rare and usually occurs in a small portion of the body.

Cause of hairiness

The exact cause of excessive hair growth is unknown. It has been seen that Middle Eastern. Russian and Southern European women usually have more hair than women of other ethnic origins. Generally, the excessive hair growth is a sexual characteristic and accompanies the passing from child hood to manhood or women hood.

Excessive hair growth or hirsutism also occurs due to hormonal imbalances. Hormonal imbalances may be seen in persons suffering from Cushing Syndrome, certain tumours ( of pituitary gland, the ovary and adrenal gland) and person on some medications such as oral contraceptives and steroids. Excessive Hair growth may also be in people who were born to mother who drank alcohol during the pregnancy.

Individuals suffering from malnutrition may also develop. Hirsutism. Excessive hair growth can also occur in persons having skin skin moles which can cause local areas of excess hair. Patient of underlying cancer such as breast cancer or leukemia may also show excessive body growth.

Person having chronic inflammation of skin such as due to eczema, trauma or infection may also show excess hair in the affected areas. Moreover, women may develop excessive hairness after menopause.

Signs and symptoms of Hairiness

The excessive hair growth generally appears on the faces of girls, and women. The upper lip, chin, cheeks and neck are the common site for such growth. However, the trunk and extremities may also be involved. It is usual to see increased hair growth upon the lips and chins of women about the time, of the change of life.

Very frequently, considerable hair growth is seen over the faces of girls of tender seen years who use pumice stone or extract the hair with tweezers. All these conditions tend to increase the hair growth.

Symptoms of hairiness may be related to the person’s menstrual cycle where the excess hair is located; where there is family history of excess body hair, about medications the person is taking and the time, when the excess body hair started.

Types of hairiness

There are tow main types of excess body hair:-

In first type of Hirsutism, there abnormal increase of male pattern hair growth in women. The hair growth mainly occur due to male sex hormones. It is commonly seen on the face, armpits, the chest and the groin area.

In second type of Hairiness, it is not related to sex hormones. This type of hair growth is seen anywhere on the body. This type of hair growth is seen in both males or females. This form of hair growth can occur in the form of just one spot or may be present over whole of the body. It is also known as Hypertrichosis.

Diagnosis of Hairiness

Inorder to diagnose it properly proper history should be taken and physical examination made. It is visible, that the hair growth is slow and is commonly seen during ten years and there are no clinical symptoms, then it may be assumed that there is no serious cause of hairiness.

But if the excessive hair growth is sudden in onset and there are clinical symptoms visible the tests such as blood test or Cranial C.T. (Cranial Computed Tomography) needed to be done. Clinical symptoms, which are visible are like weight loss or deepening of the voice.





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