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Hair Types
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In order to determine your hair type , check it out by performing a simple test.

On the second day afer the wash, simply dab a tissue on your scalp . If you have oily hair then the tissue will leave an oil blot and if you have
normal hair then the tissue shows nothing and it is dry, the strands stick to each other

Dry hair

The hair has a moisture content of approximately 10% tends to be limp,looks flat and lacks volume .This kind of hair are difficult to manage and have lot of problems associated with it. It does not hold a style .You will know all about the way in which greasy hair clings to itself and to your scalp, how the excess oil weighs the hair down and spoils your style, and how dust sticks to the grease so that your hair seems to be dirty only a day or two after it has been washed.

You know that your hair's condition is due simply to your sebaceous glands being particularly active. But you can help it to improve. Remember, sebum produced by your scalp does not spread itself over your hair by magic, or out of spite!

It is spread by direct contact of the hair with your scalp. And something as simple as passing your fingers through your hair speeds up the transfer of the grease. So, after you have styled your hair, avoid fingering it or running your fingers through it.

You can thus slow down the rate at which sebum collects on your hair, and it will not get greasy again quite so soon. You should also wash your hair with, and use a special conditioner for greasy hair. This will improve the feel of hair that is greasy at the roots and dry at the tips, as well as protecting the hair from .

The oil glands are not active and all the moisture in the hair evaporates and the hair is extremely dry and fragile and more prone to damage.Thus your hair dry or brittle and unmanageable with split ends.

Exposure to Sun, salt and chlorinated water snatches all the moisture is drawn from the hair resulting in frizzy,dry hair. Thus dry hair neds great care and using harsh shampoo and chemical treatment can cause exceesive damage to dry hair.

Dry hair should be washed less frequently and that too with use a mild shampoo and a good cleansing shampoo specially designed for greasy hair as the chemicals present in harsh shamposs can cause furthervdrying of the scalp . Always use a cream conditioner afterwards.

Never brush too hard and alwsys comb it gently as dry hair is brittle and fragile. Also avoid the use of electric curlers and hair. Heat, open cuticles and harsh chemicals ans lastly poor care are majorcauses of dry hair. Massage well atlesat once a week and it is adviced to take a healthy and nutritious diet especially rich in zinc.

Oily hair

Here the oil gland is overactive resulting in over secretion of oil and trhus the oil is oily, greasy, or stringy .It is also accompanied with oily skin. Oliy hair can be made drier by getting it it permed or tinted . Oily hair is recognized easily as it looks more oily and greasy, the scalp and hair gets too oily and even after shampooing it attracts more dirt.

The oily hair should be washed as frequently as you like depending from indivisual to indivisual and no conditioner is required for oily hair. For best results oily hairshould be rinsed out with lemon andwith oils and shampoos rich in neem and henna.

Its is very wrong to say that oily hair does not need a head massage. Infact head massage Is necessary once to maintain the pH level of the scalp. Oily foods should be avoided and more stress should be given on green leafy vegetables

Normal hair

This is the most ideal hair because it is neither too oily nor too dry or greasy. Normal hair is shining and can hold style really well. It is well balanced ,does not dry out and is not permed or color-treated . Thus normal hair looks been permed or color-treated

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