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Here are some hair-dresser techniques which you can learn to use at home to help create and mantain styles.

Finger combing

Finger combing works best on short wiry or curly hair and gives volume and shape. Apply styling mousses all over, then use your fingers as you use a running hair brush.

To roll hair

Outward curls

Take a section of hair according to the size of the roller. Place the roller at the bottom of that strand of hair and roll up. Fix with the cap. You may use indian rolers or imported hot rollers. Indian rollers are quite cheap and come in a box having 12 rollers and are quite cheap and easily available.

For indian rollers

The hair should be damp or you may apply gel to dry hair and then fix the rollers in thin sections of hair. If the rolers are not firm, use bob pins to make them stick properly. Using a hair dryer, give hot air to each roller for 5-7 minutes.

To open rollers, remember to keep the rollers vertical (straight) while opening. If you open holding the roller horizontal as it is fitted, the curl will never come out properly. Leave the hair to cool completely before you give it a final brush, or you will brush out the curl.

Imported rollers

These are hot rollers. They have about 20 rollers and cost around Rs 2,500. The rollers are heated through electricity and thin sections of hair are roled in each other. These are then kept for 15 minutes.

How to use Gel on Hair

Gel is applied before you set the hair or blow dry the hair. The hair stays in place if gel is aplied and then the hair is set. Take 1 teaspoon of gel on the palm. Mix a few drops of water and dip fingers in it. Run the fingers in your hair to apply gel.

Add volume to hair

Tip your head upside down and mist hair roots with hairspray. Style hair as usual

Get frizzy curls

Spray your hair with water from a spray bottle or scrunch sections of hair with a damp washcloth. Apply a dime size amount of curl enhancer product all through your hair. Let hair dry naturally

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