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Information on Gold Tooth
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Gold teeth are a product that has been increasingly growing over the past six years. Since that time they have taken on several different names, such as gold fronts, gold caps and gold slugs. Whatever their name may be, but they can fit into the teeth with an exact fitting.

The beauty of the gold teeth is that they are removable. Because they are customized to fit only the particular person’s mouth, hence the caps slide over the existing teeth. This allows the person to snap them on and off at his leisure.

Gold tooth can be made in 14 Kt, 18 Kt and 22 Kt gold. But as well as white gold, silver and 950 platinum tooth can also be made and they also gets exacts fit every time. Many teenagers and youngsters chooses removable gold teeth covers or grills to make fashion history.

Some of them, likes the way, the Gold grills shine. In grills, this thing is seen more commonly. Hence, we can say that the Gold teeth, is no longer just for rappers and street toughs but instead the gold teeth have gone to the girls.

For prom or a day in the park, girls from the Bay Area to the Bronx are accessorizing their smiles. Bay Area makers of the removable mouth wear say teenage girls are the fastest growing segment of their customer base.

While most dentists shoulder at the thought of all that bacteria growing behind the bling, jewelers who make the teeth are counting their gold. A resurgence of interest from females is a lifesaver for gold tooth master. Not all only teenagers but all type of people love to have gold teeth.

Gold teeth are also peeking out of the mouths of the Hollywood mainstream-Movies star Johnny Depp wore gold teeth to the Oscars and Madonna also gave it a try. The entire smile of person’s mouth can be covered with gold piece.

The snap-on grills are sometimes solid, covering each tooth or open face with square cut out to expose the natural teeth. Fangs are popular and so is the iced out look-a grill encrusted in tiny diamonds.

Customers can also etc words or symbols into their caps and have asked for their initials, stars, their gang affiliation and even their cells numbers carved into their teeth.

After selecting their style from a glass case, me shops makes the dental impressions right on the spot. Customers lean over the counter with a dripping mold in their mouth as they wait for the pink molding material to harden. Some shops with their own ovens can make grills in a day; while others ship their molds out and return the gold teeth to the buyer in couple weeks.

They use real yellow or white gold, 14 karats up to 24 karats. Girls are getting grills just to have them like the boys. Grills make the girls look a little prettier. Some teachers forbid gold teeth in class, by saying that they are distraction. And the trend isn’t sitting pretty with dentists, who say grills can offset a person’s bite and create a breading ground for bacteria


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