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Dentist is the one who takes care of human beings natural teeth. During oral examination, dentist not only examines the teeth but also examines the supporting structures adjoining it such as Gums, Tongue, lips, cheeks, etc.

During this process dentist come to know any oral pathology that if untreated may lead to development of various systemic diseases. It is very beneficial to have its diagnosis because most of the oral pathology are a symptomatic and their symptoms appear clinically only when the disease has reached at an extensive stage.

The dentist helps in performing proper treatment of teeth. If the person is suffering the carious lesion in any tooth. Then the first and foremost role of dentist is to remove the caries, by proper cleaning the tooth.

It is done with a high speed air rotor. Along with that there is water which produces a cooling effect while preparing a cavity for the cleaning of teeth. Hence after cleaning the teeth, dentist fill it with certain filling materials. The filling materials used are of various types.

Filling material may be temporary or permanent. Temporary filling materials are like Zinc Oxide Eugenol Cement, Calciumhydroxide cement. Permanent filling materials are like Silver amalgam restorative material, Composite Resin restorative material glasses Ionomer Cement, etc.

Dentist even see the extent of carious lesion, that if the caries has extended up to pulp then Root Canal Therapy is indicated and he/she performs it by proper cleaning the root canals with reamer and files and then permanently filling the canals with Guttapercha paints.

Dentist also examines the gums of the patient, that is, whether they are red in colour, swollen in red in colour, swollen in apperance, painful, etc. Treatment for gums is recommend, like they perform scaling of teeth first of all to remove the cause of gums inflammation. Then the gums paints and mouth washes are advised by tehm to maintain good oral prophylaxis.

If the teeth is needed to be extracted due to the carious lesion or any other cause then dentist perform it skillfully. If there is need to replace the natural teeth, then also dentist make the artificial dentures and place them on patient’s mouth.

These artificial dentures helps in giving the good esthetic appearance to the patients and even help them to eat better by performing good mastication.

Dentist also performed periodontal surgeries, surgical removal of impacted teeth, etc. Beside these functions, if the patient is suffering from the yellow stained teeth, then the dentist actively performs Teeth Whitening performs Teeth Whitening processes.

By doing this effectively, it saves the patient from embarrassment of stained, ugly looking teeth. Moreover, dentist is to great helping in treating the deciduous teeth of children have mild teeth and they eat lots of toffees, candies, biscuits, pastries, etc. due to which their teeth are to much prone to caries.

Dentist guide the children regarding proper care of teeth, that is how to brush the teeth properly, regarding the use of floss, to clean up the interdentally areas, and avoidance of chewing gums that are sticky and honey embedded candies.


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