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Foundation Tips
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Facial make-up or foundations are pigmented products intended for application on the face and the neck.

They colour the skin evenly and hide facial imperfection such as scars, depressions and dark and light coloured areas

Uses of foundation
Correcting the nose and chin with foundation
Foundation for your face shape
What color foundation to use
Problems with foundation
How to Apply Foundation

Foundation is always applied downwards, to minimize the impact of facial hair.

1.Take out a small blob of foundation on the palm of your hand. As foundation dries up fast, dot foundation section by section on the face.

2. Start by dotting on the forehead and blend well with a damp sponge on fingers before moving on.

3. Now do it on your cheeks, then chin, nose and upper neck.


You may dilute the foundation by adding some astringent, toner or even water; so that it's sheer enough to let your skin show looks more natural if applied like this.

Foundation For Oily Skin

1. Test foundation on the inside of the forearm-skin tone is closest to neck colour there, because it's protected from UV damage. Makeup should blend with the skin colour of the neck, not the face

2. If any doubt then buy one shade lighter than your facial skin tone.

3. Don't make up your mind instantly. It takes about a minute for colour to dry and interact with the chemicals in your skin. The red pigments develop first so it will appear the pinkest at the beginning.

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