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Foot Wear Tips
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Choosing the proper footwear is very essential. A sports person who chooses improper footwear may not only limit performance but also increases the opportunity of injury. It has been observed that any movement provides stress to the ankle and foot.

Athletic activity imposes much greater stresses, and if a person is not wearing proper footwear then it may result in injury. There are varieties of shoes available, so person should be sure to consider variable such as foot type, durability and fit while making the selection.

The following tips on good footwear may prevent toe, foot or ankle problems or injuries:-

(a) To keep the feet healthy, a person will need to own several pairs of shoes. Women who like wearing high heels must have shoes with heels of varying heights. This will help to compensate the effects of raised heels.

Heels should never be more then three quarters of an inch. High heeled, narrow and pointed-toe shoes should be generally avoided. High-heeled shoes cause pressure on the front of the foot.

If a person cannot avoid wearing pumps or high-heeled shoes then they should look for a pair of shoes that gives more space for the toes. People should choose shoes with heels that are no more than 2 inches high. They should alter these shoes with flat, roomy shoes in order to give the toes a chance too more freely

(b) If a person has nail fungus then they should consult with the doctor and throw away old sports shoes.

(c) Before buying a shoe, person should draw the outline of the foot on a piece of paper. This will give an idea of the actual size of the shoes, which a person should buy.

Shoes should be comfortable to wear and wide enough for air circulation. Hence, when buying closed shoes, one should ensure that there is enough space between the longest toe and the toes box. The width of the space should be as much as the width of the thumb.

Person should remember that the shoes made of materials that ‘give” or stretch will be the most comfortable shoes for his/her toes and feet.

Shoes that do not have seams will prevent rubbing or irritation of the skin.

Laced shoes that have a wide, roomy toe box generally give the toes plenty of room to spread out. Athletic shoes are a good choice. High top laced shoes may give foot and ankle support.

Sandals, soft leather flat shoes slippers or inexpensive cloth shoes are good choice for at home wear. If a person has an enlarged toe joint, then he/she should cut a hole in the cloth shoes.

Person should not keep the feet bare. It is because; keeping the feet bare increases the chances of feet getting injured. So whenever a person goes out, it is best to keep the shoes on.

Person should buy shoes in the latter half of the day, as by this time you will be able to get the shoes that fit accurately. By this time the feet are slightly swollen and hence the person is able to get right fit.

Proper footwear can help to keep the person’s fee healthy when people buy new shoes they should try them by putting both of them and walk around a little to find out whether it fits well. Moreover, time is needed for the feet and shoes to get to know each other. Take it easy for a couple of workouts and this helps to prevent blister formation and aches.


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