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Foot Massage
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Foot Massage is one of the most unbelievably relaxing treatments that a person can by himself or others may do it. The ultimate study of foot massage is reflexology. Reflexology is also known as pressure therapy and it involves the application of focused pressure on certain points known as reflex points, which are located in the foot.

Reflexology is based on the fact that our nerve zones or reflex points are located from the bottom of our feet to the top of our head an thus encompassing all the vital organs on the way. It has been recommended that the soft music or a meditation Cd can provide to the person a perfect catalyst to get him/her in the mood for a foot massage.

There are variety of creams and oils that can be used for a foot massage. But it is generally advised to make use of essential oils to achieve an ultimately relaxing foot massage.

Before beginning with the foot massage person should make sure that the feet are clean, a foot soaked with Epsom salts serves as a wonderful way to de-stress before a foot massage. Moreover, person should also make sure that his feet are completely dry before starting the foot massage.

Technique of Foot Massage

Person should wash his/her feet thoroughly and then adopt a comfortable position that allows him to reach all parts of the foot. Skin lotion is applied over, the feet for lubrication when carrying out the massage.

Then the area between the toes is massaged with the help of fingers and thumb. Wiggle and wriggle the toes and pull each one gently. Then person should move his fingers to the four metatarsal bones that run along the top and middle of the foot.

Then fingers should be moved from the base of the toes to just above the ankles, thus slowly massaging one area at a time. When a person is working on himself, then it is easiest with the foot propped on the opposite knee, with a towel underneath to protect his clothing from the cream.

By using his thumbs, person should make small, circular motions that cover the entire surface of the bottom of the foot, moving from the base of his toes towards the heel. Person should also keep the pressure of the circles steady and even. They should use a bit more firmness on the heels, as the skin is the heel tougher there.

Still working the sole, person should use his pointer and middle fingers to make crosswise movements, back and forth, from the heel to the ball of his foot. Then firm hood is taken of the foot, raising it, and massaging the back of the call with the free hand is effective in relieving muscle stress in that leg.

Then with one hand holding the heel and the other enfolding the toes rotate, the foot, without causing pain. This helps to gain an overall sense of relaxation, ease and well-being. After the massage, person should wipe the soles of the feet with a towel to prevent the feet from being slippery.

Then they should wear some wonderful heavy cotton socks or favourite clean slippers. Hence, the feet gets a break with a good foot massage. There are different types of foot massage oils available, which serves as a soothing, gentle and potentially sensual way to relieve exhausted fatigued feet.

Aromatherapy and therapeutic massage oil have been used for centuries the effects of massage therapy. Kneading, Pivoting, Ankle Rotation, and stroking are usually done while performing foot massage.


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