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Flaky dehydrated skin

Dry skin has a parched look. The dehydrated skin is thirsty and needs extra care to nourish the weakened corneal layer.

Causes of flaky dehydrated skin

Many people think that the skin gets dry because it lacks oil but it is also due to lack of water. Dehydrated Flaky skin is especially common in winters. It is caused by little sebum in the lower levels moisture in the upper levels.

It has been known that every person has natural oil coating on the skin and it is produced by the oil glands.

Hence, the skin is made up of several layers of cells and thousands of oil glands. The main function of oil is that it prevents the skin form losing soft. Hence, when the skin is washed, the oil is stripped away which shows a drying effect and thus leading to cracking and inflammation.

When there is humidity present in the environment then there is no loss of moisture from the skin and, it retains well the moisture.

But in the winter season, when the humidity decreases, then the skin loses its ability to moisturize itself over because of not as much humidity in the outer layers of the skin, the cells in the outer layer get dry their edges curl up and the skin develops a rough feeling.

In the winter season, we not only have law humidity but we also wear heavier clothing for much longer period of time. Moreover, we also take hot showers or baths to warm up after being out in the cold air.

And if a person sits in the winter sun a lot then he must remember that he/she is not only getting sun from the sky, but also the reflection from the snow. Hence, we can say that all these conditions combine and make our skin dry, flaky and dehydrated.

Characteristics of flaky dehydrated skin:

Ffine pores are present. There may be uncomfortable feeling. The skin becomes dull and appearance. As the dehydrated skin reacts to the environment and hates extremes of cold, heat and wind, therefore it tends to peel.

It also has a tendency to premature aging with the emergence of fine lines and wrinkles. Chapping and cracking are the signs of extremely dry, dehydrated skin.

It usually feels tight, that is this type of skin is tightly drawn over bones. There may be tiny expression lines at the corners of the mouth.

How to prevent dry skin

The first and most important part is to keep the skin lubricated. The greasier the moisturizer, the better it replaces and locks in moisture. Hence, the best is petroleum jelly.

Person should drink one and half litres of water everyday to prevent dehydration of skin. Person should avoid using very hot water as it dries out the skin further. They should also limit the use of soaps, as they con be very drying. They should also stay away from soft drinks, sugar and other junk foods.

Person should eat a balanced diet including fresh fruits and vegetables. Person should avoid long showers or bath. . Person should use lip balm to prevent chapped lips. When toweling, person should not rub it against the skin. Person should use a humidifier if he can, or put a shallow pan of water near a heating source.


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