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Myth 1: I am short and filled out, I should avoid long skirts and tops

On the contrary, a long skirt will make you look taller, when teamed with a longish tunic. Stylist anaita Shroff feels a layered skirt works for most body types. And fashion designer Nikasha suggests wearing a belt or a bright - patterened strip of fabric, a little below the waist, for visual relief.

Myth 2:Im a tall man and could wear a fitted suit with ease

Many Indian men have pear-shaped bodies and fitted suits may not look good on them, says Ravi Bajaj. Instead, he suggests wearing jackets or suits that are more flattering to your specific body type.

Myth 3:Skinny legs look good in anything

Certainly not in hot pants, cautions Anaita Shroff. Also, on the list of avoidables are teeny-weeny shorts and micro-mini scrirts,which will make your legs look very gangly.

Myth 4:Im thin and should avoid wearing a saree

A well structured blouse/choli could just bring out the best in you, avers Shroff." a perfectly-draped saree can give you the semblance of curvaceous hips, while a tight blouse can enhance your cleavage," she says.

Myth 5: The crazier the wash of my denim, the hotter i look

"Certainly not. They can make your thighs look wider than they are, and buttocks fuller too," Also, on the way out are the oh-so-OTT striped washes

Myth 6:Im a muscular guy and it's always long hair for me.

"Though many people are still sporting it, long hair is completely out for men. The current trend is a short and spiked look, that looks great on toned bodies

Myth 7:Flared pants look good only on firang women

Trousers with a slight flare look good on indian women. But cut down on the flares , as they may be on the way out."Also, exaggerated flares that also sweep the floor are definite no-nos," adds Shroff.

Myth 8:Low rise pants look pretty good on broad hipped women

Globally, pants are now featuring lower hip pockets . While they look great on slim women, if not spaced correctly, they could be disastrous.

Myth 9: I'm short and plump,so I should avoid body-hugging clothes

"Body-defining clothes willl do you a lot of good by defining your shape," says image consultant and celebrity fashion stylist, Yatan Ahluwalia.Wear that tight red number with glee

Myth 10 :Dark colours are only for fair people

When creating a mono-chromatic look, remember that dark-on-dark works wonders for most people. But you should avoid large OTT prints and contrasting colours.

Myth 11: Chunky accessories are in, so I can wear all of them at once

Certainly not-go forjust one piece at a time." If you are wearing chunky pendant, don't wear anything else," Ahluwalia suggests. so, it is either earings, choker or bracelet

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